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Schott cafe racer is about 400, the naked leather one is 360 or so, IIRC. Oh yeah, and on the Vanson the guy told me they are so stiff it will take 2-3 seasons (of riding and wearing all the time) for it to properly break in.
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Well, I wanted to this last summer, but it's the rainy season here now, so that's not happening. Here's one I was looking at (unrealistically):
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Yeah, it's a '61 R69S, about $8000, which would be okay if I didn't want to have a car. Plus as my first bike I would cry if I laid it down. I will probably get a Honda or something next spring to learn on.
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if you want to end up with a 34 waist (which is what i wear) buy a Levis 36 waist shrink to fit and it will be perfect ....
i have a ~40 waist; i'd like to end up with a 34 waist. i think i'll try it.
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Yeah, wouldnt we all.....Levi's 501's are the ONLY jean that fits me, much to the alas of my GF...She wants me in more fashionable jeans.
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(Phil @ 26 Oct. 2004, 04:54) There are a few things about Levis 501s that make them special. First of all, consistency.  Yes, the fit of them has evolved over time, but they are basically the same pair of jeans that you could have bought 50 years ago.  Second, the button fly.  I just dont like the feel and look of a pair of jeans without a button fly.  It seems to make the fly area softer, if that makes any sense, and lie better, at least for me.  Thirdly, someone had commented about the "washes" of the jeans not being very interesting.  Thats kind of the point of 501s.  People above a certain age, and even some who arent (im 31), actually look for jeans that dont have "special washes" .  We like jeans to look like jeans.  Which generally means a variety of blue (perhaps black, but I dont own any myself).  No silly "whiskers" or heavy distressed areas.  501's come in a variety of colors, but whats nice is they have avoided some trendy details that you find on all the designer jeans these days.  I guess what I am saying is its comforting to be able to walk into a Levis store, grab a pair of 34 waist, 32 inseam (in my case) 501s and walk out of the store and know they are gonna fit and that I will be happy with them.  Concerning the actual fit, thats like anything else.  Its totally subjective.  Someone mentioned them fitting terribly on the thighs.  For every person like that, there is someone else who loves the way they fit.  Obviously one pair of jeans isnt going to fit every body out there.   And lastly, along the sames lines, I like how they are impervious to changing trends and styles. Look at some pics from the 1970s.  You see plenty of silly jeans.  Flared legs, funky pockets etc.  The guy who wore those probably thought he was really stylin' at the time.  Ten years later he probably wanted to burn that picture.  Same guy in a pair of 501s in that pic from the 70s looks just fine 10 or 20 or 30 years later.  Perhaps the guy today wearing todays version of the silly trendy jean will want to burn his pic 10 years from now, who knows.
Good post, thanks.  I've only worn the 501's.  And liked them quite a bit.  I refuse to buy them now that they are made overseas, with the exception of the premium line.  But I won't pay more than $30 or whatever the price used to be for a pair of jeans.  It's just silly.  So, hopefully the 501's I have will last while I do.
Obviously I didn't stick to the plan and have waded into the water of new 501s. Interesting thread to read again.
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(j @ 05 Nov. 2004, 3:00) I don't know if you need a 38. I think they suggest one to two inches over regular size in the waist. I'd check with them first before buying though. I know I bought some 517 shrink to fits (boot cut) in 34/36 and the length didn't shrink as much as the waist did. Incidentally, my 36 length shrink to fit has a really long rise, but it might be because they are 517s rather than the inseam. They are AFAIK the same price as the prewashed ones, or within a few dollars. All of these are under $40 retail in the US.
Thanks What do you think about Schott jackets?
I think the quality used to be very good. And didn't they have contracts with the US military? I think they've done reproductions of jackets since then.
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I hate levis now..i have 5 pairs just purchased a 513 36x30 from jc penny,it ended being like 38x31 why cant They be consistent on their size..i dont know if its cause their made from different i have to try on before purchasing SUCKS...
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Levi Jeans have caused damage to my car's leather seat which unfortunately now needs to be replaced.

Their design is a liability that does need to be altered.  And we sincerely hope that they will step up and accept responsibility for the damages which their product has caused us.

I would Not recommend purchasing such a product that will cause damage to your home furniture and leather car seats.


In Sum, there are entirely too many other brands and more intelligent designed clothing to choose from in this world.

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