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The plaid flannel shirt--a fashion crime?

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For most of my relatively long life, the plaid flannel shirt has been a cool-weather sportswear classic. Lately, I have heard they are emphatically "out," including jokes in several quarters that they are mainly worn by Lesbians nowadays. I know that for several years my teenage stepson has cringed when I have appeared in his company wearing what I thought were nice plaid flannel shirts. I thought this was just his hangup, but maybe the lad is more "cutting edge" than I had given him credit for being. Anyway, any thoughts from forum members?
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No way- saw a couple incredibly soft and colorful ETROs, same color scheme- olive, blue and fuchsia, slightly different style at Button Down in SF and Khaki's in Carmel. If I wasn't in Texas where I doubt I'd get much wear out of them, I'd have bought one. Plus ETRO just doesn't make stuff big enough to fit me except for XXL bathing suits.
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Personally, I think that flannel plaids are great, if you are raking the lawn. Other than that, nah. -Tom
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funny, I was at Holt, and some guys were trying on D&G funnel materialed big plaid pattern shirt .. I could not help to think that they looked like lumberjack.
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I think they can look cool if contrasted with brights and other patterns through coats and scarves and the like, but I would never just wear one on its own with a pair of jeans.
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The cheap patterned flannel shirts are great for doing some work on week-end, cleaning the garden, the roof, etc. In rural areas it's a common casual item, but in big cities I don't think I would wear it. The expensive designer plaid flannel shirts are a waste of money. That's my opinion.
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I really really doubt that the actual retail price of that shirt is $1200. It's made in China. Possibly, could someone have switched the tags on the shirt?
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