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Searching for the deep-V alternatives

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I have recently begun to favor deep V-neck t-shirts.  I wear shirts without a tie to work and I need the protection under the arms for my shirts.  I own the Hanro and the Zimmerli t-shirts.  They are fine, but too expensive for what they are at $45-55/pop.  Surely there must be an alternative for the a V-neck that is very thin and dips below the first button.  (A little elastic in the mix is good, too.)  Any ideas out there?   (BTW, don't bother with the Venezia(sp?) T's on Sierratradingpost--not thin, not deep.)
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Jockey V-Necks work wonderfully for me. I suggest them. They do not have any side seams so they hug your body correctly without creating any extra pressure on the dress shirt fabric. They are slightly elastic, thin, and a great, unrestrictive fit.. Anyway, yea, they're like $8.33 each (3-pack for $25 at Macy's).
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I have a passel of Hanes V-neck Ts that are lightweight and dirt cheap that I bought at Target at nominal cost a few months ago. Strictly undershirts--I'd sooner take a whipping than appear in public wearing one with nothing else. They are fine if you don't wan't to leave more than the collar button and the two next buttons of a typical sports shirt open.
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Brooks brothers are good.
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If you don't want to show the V-neck shirt under your dress shirt, any cheap V-neck shirt should be fine. Or, have you considered using the traditional white tank top?
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