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The topic of cashmere hooded sweaters came up in a recent topic, so I'm asking those in the US - the very land of discounted Paper Denim & Cloth - if they've seen the PDC cashmere zip hoodie anywhere at a discount. US$484 is the cheapest I've seen it, and that's waaaaay too rich for my blood. It looks a little something like this: Ideally I'd be looking for the model in brown - 'bark', I think they call it, or 'earth' - and in a size 1 (or even zero, if it exists). If anyone spots one on their travels, and is happy to lug it to a post office, please let me know, and I can PayPal you the cash for it, shipping, and whatever 'handling' charge you'd like. Thanks guys.
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What size is a 1 or a zero (say, in American inch sizing)? If it's sized like that it's likely to be in the women's section of the discounters I've been to. Maybe I should be digging through the women's sections.
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closest thing i could come up with is a heather grey Active Cashmere hooded pullover size S
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I don't think it's been around long enough to find at a discount store. Maybe next summer you will have better luck.
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You are probably not going to find that on discount anywhere. The piece is 1) brand new design this year, 2) probably going to be a standard rather than a fashion piece, like denim (anyone seen a pair of Paper Denim GTO 1-years on sale?) so only the most cutting edge boutiques will *ever* discount it, and 3) The pieces are priced rather low compared to many, many, similar designer pieces, and the design is appealing to both the fashionista (for slumming) and the regular guy, who will like a nice piece without looking like a Schonberger victim. I predict that it's flying out the door of places like Scoop NYC and Barney's Co-op at alarming rates.
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Thanks guys - turns out size 1 is a medium, so it'd be too big anyway. I'll just wait for the inevitable copies...
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In case anyone else is interested, use coupon code 'JT' for 15% off at revolve, which transaltes to a price just over $400. Also, LAG, I found my GTO 1 years on sale at that came just over $130 with a coupon code.
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Also, LAG, I found my GTO 1 years on sale at that came just over $130 with a coupon code.
Thanks. I got mine for $135 from Jasmine Sola on Newbury Street, with their 10% online coupon. Although Boston's pickings are sparse, the prices are usually cheaper than in NYC or LA. Gotta give'em that. I'm just used to paying well under $100 (usually $50-70) for Paper Denims and Seven's, a little more for True Religion (but no more) and less ubiquitous brands. More than that, and I don't feel I've gotten a deal
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Do you generally buy your jeans at B&M stores? I see sevens and PDC on eBay all the time for those prices, but usually don't buy unless I have tried on the exact model in wash already. The only B&M source for discount PDC I know of is Marshalls -- and they generally have, as you said, ICN Mythos in every imaginable size, not GTOs or better washes.
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I've bought many many pairs of GTOs at Marshall's for $49-59, Nordstrom's Rack also has GTOs from time to time at $69, and sometimes 30% off that price if they have been sitting for awhile ($48 or so) Perhaps we have better selection here in Orange County with SCP next door to the Marshall's/Rack.
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I picked up my GTO 1-year jeans about a year ago at the Filene's Basement in Atlanta for about $60. Unfortunately, they haven't gotten any good Paper Denim stock since: a couple of rigid washes and some light-coloured cords. My main goal now is to find a source of discounted jeans here in NYC. The quality level of denim at the new Filene's Basement in Union Square seems to top out at I-Jeans, and I'm searching for replacements for my now-worn GTOs and ICNs.
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On sale at scoop, unsure of sizes, don't see no 0s... Scoop PDC cashmere hoodie
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