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Why not try organic products? Many of my guy friends uses this John Masters Organics Hair Pomade and it really does smell good. the smell's not too strong fixes their hair quite well too.
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gatsby is overrated in my opinion it really too sticky to work with and its hold isn't great as said i like xtah crude clay or this korean one freeze pitch wax from my korean hairdresser its fairly good
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hi there...

Ok my hair is always really frizzy and all crispy and the ends i no that sounds weird but it also gets greasy real easy and really fast is there anything im doing wrong or any hair products u suggest??? and like when i get my hair cut and the hair stylist washes it my hair is always so silky smooth after! what do they do???
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in order for gatsby to hold well you need to use hairspray after (i like gatsby spray cause theres no scent). gatsby is all i use now and ive tried everything. i use orange, purple, gray, and pink. the color depends on my hair length and how i feel like styling it that day. i used ICE for years. its horrible for your hair. the floor of my tub would always be littered with my hair after a shower. same with my pillows. don't have that problem anymore riraito - are you in toronto? the hair product store in pacific mall has it. so does some place in chinatown ive heard
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copped this stuff. Not had a proper use out of it yet, but first impressions are that it smells out of this world (water melon, hint of.. aniseed?) and that it's SUPER hold takes effect pretty quick.
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