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Mark Christopher

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Hey- Have any of you guys used Mark Christopher? How is he? Any opinions or comments about his work and his service?
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No experience with the man. Don't know of quality, but some time back someone posted on AA that when he was on vacation in Florida he was able to get an appointment with Mark Lingley since Lingley was also in Florida on vacation. Apparently Lingley told him that business was going through a tough time and even threw in some ties, gratis. So overall the customer seemed happy.
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Please see my post under Kabbaz thread.
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UGH... Is that a name from the past that I care to forget. Going back about 3 years ago or so when I first started looking for a custom shirtmaker I contacted just about everyone in the NYC area. I decided to give Mark Christopher a shot because he was willing to do just 1 shirt at the start and promised a 7-10 day turn around. I set up an appointment which was tough to do. He claimed to be very busy but looking ahead a few weeks we were able to set a date up. He e-mailed me a notice on how important it was that I show up or give him 24 hours notice if I could not make it. So I take the train down into the city and arrive a few minutes early. The doorman places a call upstairs to relay that I was there. The doorman said he is going to need a five minutes and tell's me how "it sounded like I woke him up". Well 45 minutes of my time go by sitting in his lobby when I decide I don't need to do business with somone who keeps me waiting 45 minutes without an explanation. So I thanked the doorman and left... I didn't even make it home before there was an e-mail sent to me from him asking how dare I just leave and who in the world did I think I was.... He than claimed to be fitting a "client of much greater importance" Mayor Bloomberg... In addition for whatever crazy reason he than went on to state how it was apparent to him that "I had not lost anyone or anything in the 9/11 attacks, or I would understand how tough it is to do businees in NYC" I still have no clue where that comment came from... I called him up to let him know that although it was unrelated I lost an Uncle and two childhood friends in the 9/11 attacks and that he could keep his shirts. He hung up... I since than have found many other great shirtmakers and came across a client in my line of work that noticed a sirt with my initials and went on to tell me story about Mr. Cristopher going crazy yelling that the gentlemen was clueless when he questioned the size/fit of the cuffs on 3 of the shirts Mr. Christopher made... Guy might not be wrapped to tightly. I am sure for the price you can do better....
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Urban Warrior: Thank you for posting your report ... it is good to be warned.
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After speaking to Mr. Lingley, I am fairly sure that he is mentally imbalanced. He told me that his minimum order is 6 shirts and when I asked about his pricing, he told me his shirts usually run around $250. I mentioned that $250 was a decent price for the fabrics he claimed to have and the majority of shirtmakers I had consulted were around the $400 range. So, he told me his prices, as of that moment, were bumped up to $400 a shirt. I thought he was kidding, but he was dead serious.
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Wanted to bump this up. Any more recent positive/negative experiences? Thinking of a present to a friend of mine.
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Mark Christopher, Hill School '99? WTF?!
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Did you read the above post?

Buyer beware.
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