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15 reminds me of Bobo. Any info on what's inside this wool parka? Lining, fill maybe?
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Originally Posted by dusty View Post
15 reminds me of Bobo. Any info on what's inside this wool parka? Lining, fill maybe?
I wouldn't count on the wool parka to be lined. EG's heavy on layering, so that parka's probably made to have another coat/jacket go underneath. It defintely looks more interesting that way, IMO. Set 5 - I wonder what that hooded windbreakeresque jacket. Perhaps something nearly waterproof? Set 6 - Mountaineering boots? The jacket over that hoodie seems pretty thin. Same as in set 5 you think? Set 7 - I'm reminded of Ryan Gosling for some reason. Looks good though. Set 8 - The shawl collar vest underneath the labcoat doesn't look half bad. More comments in a future edit. Time to eat.
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alot of great looks and pieces! I like it more than fw 07, thats for sure. A bit heavy on the darkness in the lookbook though...

Also curious about that nylon windbreaker thing... layered in the same way I would do it Very curious about the overalls aswell , as see in pic 4.
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Here are Gary's selections for FW08 (modeled by the very gracious Angelo). Work Shirt in Plaid Twill Shawl Collar Cardigan in Heather Tan Sweater Knit Zip Front Argyle Knit Vest in Navy/Grey Multi-Pocket Varsity Knit Cardigan in Navy 3-Ply Wool Field Vest in Navy Nico Rip Stop w/ Herringbone Wool Lining (Fit pic on the CFDA model) Engineer Jacket in Black Wool Denim (both pics above are of the same color jacket) Field Park in Brown Diagonal Wool Lookbook Set #17 Bedford in Dark Navy Wool Serge Pricing as of 06/17/08 = $450 (Pic on the CFDA model) Bedford in Tan Heather Sweater Knit Ties in assorted plaids Pocket Squares in assorted plaids Gary's photos of other items not picked up: Chesterfield Lookbook Set #9 (Pic on the CFDA model) Lab Coat Lookbook Set #8 Shawl Collar Field Shirt Jacket CPO Shirt Lookbook Set #15
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OK, but when are pics of SS 09 going to be available?
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i'm diggin the shawl collar jacket and the zip-up vest. can't wait to learn more about the collection.
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Another workaround is to google "" and load it in cache. There are a lot of Fall pieces that are looking sorta essential: andover jacket, one of those topcoats, shawl collar vest, pea coat... that should do me. I like the darker palette, that's how I roll in E.G.
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Originally Posted by datasupa View Post
OK, but when are pics of SS 09 going to be available?
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Lots of good looking pieces. I can't believe I still don't actually own a single EG article of clothing.
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S/S08 was the first season that I have gotten any pieces from them, and while I am very happy with the 4 pieces that I have, I gotta say that F/W 08 looks amazing just based on the lookbook pics from their site. Personally I like darker colors in the winter so this color scheme is very appealing. The plaid workshirt and the belted- shawl collar cardigan are definite musts, all of the outerwear looks equally amazing, especially digging that brown hooded duffle-coat. Might have to plan a trip up to mass. or something to try some of this stuff on. Hope the prices are similar to S/S....
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8, the top half of 9, and 15 look amazing.

Gary, I see you have several of those pieces, is it possible to get measurements before preordering since some of these may sell out before you get stock?

Also, general question, how alterable is EG? Do any of the tailored-style jackets have extra material for lengthening sleeves, for instance?
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According to Gary, he will likely also carry Chambray Work Shirts and 19th Century Button Downs which they (EG) plan on having in stock under a new name to differentiate them from the main EG collection. He is not sure yet what they are going to call it but it will be based on basics and allow stockists to fill in throughout the season as needed. Also, Gary will be receiving lookbooks in the near future. He is more than glad to send one to you if you PM.
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I'm digging pic #2 the shawl collar cardigan and the shirt underneath it.

Also, the field vest in picture #4.

And of course the Bedford Herringbone. and some of the hats!

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner Gary, but yeah what are the prices on some of these going to run and I second the measurements question?
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Measurements will be difficult to give at this point but I think at this point EG has stopped messing with the fits and they should be similar to last F/W seasons collections. If I had stuff now, you know I'd be happy to give you guys what you need to establish your size but I don't. A suggestion would be that members who own pieces from the F/W 08 collection, post some measurements up for others to guide their choices.

As for prices, I have not worked on that yet but will be sure to do so in the very near future.

I'm also planning on having a contest this coming season. I started a thread a while back on "How you roll in EG". Didn't get a lot of traction but hopefully this time with incentive we can get some pics up. I am going to have Daiki select the winner and the prize will be announced sometime in August. You will have to be wearing at least one piece of EG to be eligible so start to think about it and plan your presentation.

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Have they given estimates on when F/W will start shipping to stores this year? I remember last year there was a big delay.
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