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The collar tab

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I write today of the collar tab. I do not write of the tab collar. The tab collar, as we all know, has two strips of fabric that extend from the collar and pin or snap or button behind the tie, pushing it forward and fixing it in place. The collar tab, on the other hand, is a tab on the band of the collar that extends across to the other side and fastens with another button a half inch or an inch laterally to the left of the standard collar button. This holds the collar together extreeeemly securely, just as a tab does at the waist of the pants. I see it on shirts from time to time. My question to all of you shirt wearers and makers out there is, is this really necessary? Is the collar tab one of those ultimate masterful touches or just another silly one? Weigh in.
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More properly termed an "extension band", this affectation does absolutely lock the wearer's desired tie space as it should be. However, when the shirt is worn sans cravatte and the top button is open it appears quite ridiculous. Back in 1983, I designed a collar band which serves the same function without the obvious detriment. On even moderately high banded collars, it is possible to sneak a second buttonhole directly above the usual one. This serves the same purpose to about 95% effectiveness and looks quite normal as well when open. Many of my clients now use this as their regular faire.
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Interesting... anybody (mr kabbaz?) got any pictures of how these would look?
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Thanks for commenting and also correcting my terminology -- I was simply guessing at what the proper word was.
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NoVaguy- I'll search for some photos of these. I must have some somewhere.
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