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Any shirtmakers in oc?

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Anybody have any recommendations for a shirtmaker in Orange County, CA. I don't remember where, but somebody was talking about getting a shirt done by a shirtmaker first before ordering from Jantzen. This seems like a good idea to get feedback on what will work for you, like the collars and stuff like that. So, its also important that I get to keep all the measurements. I know T&A is coming to Beverly Hills, but the price for those shirts are waaay out of my league. Shirtmaven's price isn't that bad, but he's in NYC.
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Jack Anto
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I have written this before but I will write it again: overcome the phobia of measuring yourself and you will be very happy. Jantzen costs 45 dollars/shirt. Order one with your best measurements. If you are really paranoid you can also include the measurements of your best fitting shirt. Even if you have to throw out one or two it would be worth it. I ordered 4 and they were slightly short in the sleeves but wearable and they otherwise fit very well. I felt the same way you do, thinking that measurements were something magial when taken by an expert but they are not.
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Jimmy's custom shirt 714 639-8280 425 South Main Orange, Ca
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brescdoc1, So, it sounds like you've also gone through the MTM route with shirtmakers. How was this experience? Are you saying that there's really no difference? You're right that measuring yourself shouldn't be that hard. But, I was also thinking that an expert would be able to tell me what styles would best flatter my face- things like how far the points should be, etc... I also slouch a lot, and I figured a shirtmaker would know how to compensate for it. However, it seems that a lot of the places might not actually know it either.
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Alex: Did Anto merge with Septejian in Beverly Hills? Great recommendation and a great shop. Renzi in Costa Mesa could be another option. I did a trunk show at a specialty store in Claremont a while back who had a pretty good shirtmaker there as well. IM me and I can give you contact info on any of these three.
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Anto is Sepetjian - Anto Sepetjian.  Jack and Ken are Anto's sons. Over the years Anto bought Nat Wise and Jack Varney.
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