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Why with all the red wing boots I have looked at, does the boot size always go from D to 2E, is 2E just what they use for saying 1 size larger than D, then 4E as two sizes larger. I've looked at many online stores including the red wings au store and they only state widths D and 2E. Some sites have also stated D as medium and 2E as wide, I always thought E was wide and 2E was extra wide.

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Hey guys, I'm new to this thread. Just thought I'd share some pics of my 1149's. I'll have to take some pics of my chukkas as well.

1149's, almost 1 1/2 years old, never conditioned but occasionally brushed.

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Hi all, first time poster in this thread. Just got my first rw boots, the 1907, from the local rw store. Love the way they look, and wore them today. Experienced some heel slippage and feeling a little raw and tender in that area. A half size down was tight in the forefoot, so I erred larger rather than smaller. Any advice?
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Hey all.  I recently bought some Red Wing 6" Moc Toe Boots.  I heard they run 1/2 to a full size large so I tried the 1/2 size down.  There is some heel slippage when I walk.  Below is a pic of the space between the heel of the foot and the boot when my foot is all the way to the front.  Should I size down or is this a normal amount of spacing?  Thanks in advance.


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Originally Posted by bobbeanz View Post

Should I size down


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Looks too big to me too
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Do you guys happen to know how to clean denim bleeding from your boots?


I have the 8111.

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There is a triple E in some models, I think one of the boots. That is extra wide. At least that size exists, even if it is not offered by Red Wing.

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Anyone here has the Munson boot?


Can you comment on the comfort?


I wear a 8E on 8131, can i wear the same size on a  munson boot ?

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Originally Posted by thebeebs View Post

Looks too big to me too
Thank you.
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Originally Posted by elimmie View Post

Thank you.
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Just a disclaimer. Those are not the 875's (even though they look very similiar). Neither are they full grain, it states that they are oiled nubuck.
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I just ordered a pair of those, wonder if oil nubuck is not as nice as the normal 875 leather.
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