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A little more suit help

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Ok guys, after having gone from knowing nothing about suits i have read a lot recently on forums like these and now unfortunately am thoroughly confused about what/where to buy a good, solid suit (you see, now i know next to nothing). so, given a price range, lets say of under 1500 (1000-1200 would be good): 1) what would be your recommendation in terms of stores or places to buy as good a quality (in terms of material, slim fit for a slender frame, classic) suit? online is out, i dont feel comfortable doing it and i am also under a little bit of potential time constraint 2) specifically in manhattan (since i am there for about a week) where should i be looking for this suit? thanks.
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My top 3 off the top of my head: (1) Century 21 (2) Brooks Brothers (Italian made Golden Fleece only -- American made will be too boxy for you). (3) Bergdorff Paul Stuart might be another good choice. All these stores will have suits near your price range, but Century 21 will give you the best value since they are a discounter. They've had Isaia and Brioni there before (Isaia for about $800). Purple Label apparently is sometimes there as well. With a $1000 - 1200 price range, going pure retail is going to get a decent full canvas suit at best; you will not get top of the line. This is not to say that you'll get a bad suit though -- far from it. I would recommend going to Saks and Bergdorff and trying out Zegna and Canali, then going to Ebay and finding the size that fit you in the store. This isn't that complicated.
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I'd go to Filene's Basement and browse, and find something that I think fits me, you will find the best value there although you may spend some time looking. for $1500 you can get a Brioni or similar suit most likely.
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johnny, what are typical price ranges for the bb golden fleece line?
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I agree with the Century 21 note, that's a great place to shop for high end stuff.
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Well, they range from $1100 to $1300 at full retail. I rarely see the Italian made line where I am, but someone on this board posted about the Italian made he just picked up in NYC last week. So I'd check at the Flagship 5th Ave. store. They are by Cantarelli and so are good quality for the price. Filene's Basement is a good idea, but I don't know about selection in NYC. FYI, BB often has sales of 25% -- not sure when the next one is -- and you can also pick up gift cards on Ebay for about 80% of face value. I once bought a suit from BB on credit card, was sure I liked it, had it tailored, and then went back to BB and had them credit back my card so I could pay with the gift cards that I picked up on Ebay after I was sure I would keep the suit.
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where is the century 21 location? thanks guys.
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I saw some very, very nice suits in Filene's Basement last week for about $800. There's a Century 21 right across from Ground Zero, and another in Brooklyn somewhere, though I don't recall ever seeing any suits there that were anywhere near as well made as the ones I saw in FB.
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The Filene's Basements in DC sell Corneliani for $800 and Oxxford for $1000 ($600 and $800, respectively, during their suit sales).  I imagine that the prices would be comparable in NYC.
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Yes, if Filene's Basement NYC carries Oxxford's, even for $1000 they are a good buy IMO. The styling may not suit your body type though. This is why I say check at C 21 (it's actually right near a Brooks Brothers as well -- ground zero is about right). They have a website telling you locations.
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Doesn't Corneliani retail for $1100? $800 doesn't seem like a deep discount, $1k for Oxxford on the other hand...
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do discount stores like century 21 and filenes basement typically do alterations? are they of good quality or do you guys typically take to a tailor?
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i found a century 21 location on cortlandt street - i assume this particular cenutry 21 location would have the best selection?
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I take suits regardless of purchase location to my personal tailor... I wouldn't recommend using a discounter's tailoring services...
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Yeah, Cortland st. is right. They don't have tailors. If they did, I'd avoid them anyways. These are not nice looking stores, you know. More like TJ Maxx's with good stuff. But dont' be scared off by that. $800 for a Corneliani -- even $600 -- is a rip-off IMO. FB should be able to do much better than that.
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