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Lonsdale, ots, other brits...

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Hey fellas, In the interest of pseudo-Mod fashion... I've got a couple Merc tshirts and Fred Perry jackets, but I generally have trouble finding brit sports/streetwear in the US. Not that I expect there to be a one stop shop for stuff from Lonsdale, Merc, One True Saxon, and Duffer St. George, but anyone know sources for this sort of import stuff in the DC/Philly area or (better) online? I've tried ebay but dealing with ebayers' intnl shipping isnt worth it for this, generally... No boots or braces, thanks.   Originally posted in buying and selling, but I'm not really selling or soliciting offers, so... J or Steve feel free to delete/move if you find it inappropriate. EDIT: Also, thanks to the Chairman for responding over there...
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99X in New York is always a good bet for new items, as is Sherrys, though I've never bought off the internet from the latter. Spend a little time with Mod Culture and you may find something else. Good luck with your search.
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it should be a lot easier to find local Macy's menstore practically has a mod section, with Ben Sherman/Fred Perry/Merc all within 10 feet of each other. there's a store in LA called (appropriately haha) Poser that has the biggest selection of UK sportswear i've seen.  They dont have a website tho. i generally buy my stuff from the UK tho as their selection tends to be better, esp regarding brands like Lonsdale & Pringle if you dont mind the shipping, DNA Groove in Italy and Jump the Gun in UK have a lot of good gear that you'd be into. They have websites that you can get to thru the abovementioned or "clean living under difficult circumstances"
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You can find Merc clothing at, interestingly enough, The people working for Merc's online operation - at least, the ones I dealt with when making my purchase - were incredibly helpful when I was in search of something that wasn't on the website.
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