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Experience with satorial solutions

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I have no connection to Carlo (Chuck) or Jill or to Sartorial Solutions other than having purchased a pair of wheat colored slacks from Hugo Boss over e-bay. I took delivery today. The slacks fit my needs. However, what impressed me the most was the manner in which this e-bay seller did business. Not only was he prompt, polite, and careful in his dealings, he went the extra mile on the small things. For example, he sent e-mails acknowledging receipt of the bid, the payment, and shipment. Second, his shipping method was great. I have received suits in smaller boxes than he used to send a single pair of pants. As a result of the care spent on packing and shipping, the items arrived in great condition. They should all be like this.
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Ditto--and then some.
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me too. -Tom
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Thanks, guys, for the kind words. We try. If you can think of anything else that would define the "ideal" ebay seller, feel free to make suggestions.
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I e-mailed before buying, I was worried about the size. After a brief exchange, I was told that my money would be refunded if the fit was not right. The fit, as estimated by the esteemed seller, was perfect, and now it's my favorite jacket. -Tom
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Well, for one, the ideal eBay seller would not "hold out" on me about secret development programs he is running. That gripe aside, let me share my Sartorial Solutions/Carlo Franco experience. As some of you know, I had a tie problem. Now, there are a lot of people similar to myself at the start of wardrobe building who read my posts. I do not know about you all, but buying ties I actually find incredibly annoying. I do not like ties like Chuck does, matching all those little colors, I can just imagine a lot better ways to pass the day. And they are so expensive. Usually I like the one that costs over 100 dollars. Chuck sent me a crate of his ties. My wife picked the ones we liked, eight of them. I had ordered his ties before, and with 1 Kiton 7-fold I paid 100 dollars for exactly at Boyds ON SALE, I now have 13 really nice ties, and the Kiton is the least attractive of the bunch, purchased for around 80 dollars/tie. Only with this adequate selection can I have a prayer of putting together a decent outfit in the AM, and take my word for it, I do. AS A PRACTICAL MATTER, Chuck is the only one who is going to do this and he saved me a shitload of time and aggrevation. A shirt that he threw in with the first shipment though I begged him not to, was first-rate and is probably one of my nicest shirts. In fairness, I have to admit that while I do not profit from Chuck's business I do like the guy, so I am not exactly objective. But if I have any spare dollars in my pocket and he has something he "wants me to try," I will send the money and ask questions later.
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