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Bow ties, anyone?

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At the risk of inviting ridicule, what are your thoughts on bow ties? I'm in a field that has gotten quite casual over time, but a few brave souls still dare to wear them, as I do (but with much less frequency than I did 10 years ago).
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I wish I had the age and guts to wear bow ties; I envy Raj on the Apprentice's courage. I think he looks fantastic. But to wear a bow tie, wear a good one, and with a good suit. Incidentally, I think Raj is wearing almost exclusively Polo -- much of it Purple Label -- on the show. Agreement on this point? (the lilac shirt, charcoal pinstripe suit, and light green polka dot bow tie last night -- perfect).
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It's definitely a bold move - perceived, perhaps, as mildly eccentric, but not shocking, or anything. I read somewhere, and tend to agree, that a bow tie looks best when wearing a vest because without the vest, you have a lot of exposed shirt with a bow tie vs. a long tie. A bow tie has the advantage that it's almost impossible to get a stain on it while eating lunch. I'm trying to think of people who regulalry wear them George Will of Newsweek and This Week comes to mind as does Tucker Carlson of CNN. If you like 'em, you should wear 'em.
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Thanks for the support. Tucker's ties are the thin ones that always remind me of little boys. I don't have any full-size butterfly ties, but I do like the curved style, rather than straight.
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I probably would wear them occasionally as a change of pace if I could ever figure out how to tie them . . .
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Like 'em as an occasionally dressy casual variant. I'd probably wear them more often if my wife didn't positively loathe them. I would not wear a bow tie with a two-piece suit but would with a three-piece if I had one. Although I like bow ties, I admit I would not wear one to a job interview, nor would I wear one on a first date with an appealing woman if I were still single. I think they are somewhat eccentric nowadays..but then so am I. Ambulance Chaser,if I can learn to tie one, anybody can.
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JLibourel, I'm lucky, my wife is OK with bow ties. To tie a bow tie, think "shoelace." (I had struggled with interpreting diagrams and manuals before I realized it's the same pattern.) Another advantage of bow ties, the individual ties don't go out of style (although they're never really "in style"), so you can wear them forever--changing widths isn't a concern. I've had some of mine for more than 20 years, and they still look fine.
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One interesting problem is getting MTM bow ties, so one doesn't have to hassle with hooks and eyes to adjust (and which do show over a wing collar). Budd in London has done a bunch of black ties for me, as did Woods & Brown before Tony Brown retired. Any other willing sources out there?
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I love bow ties, but you absoluyely most be wearing a vest or a jacket. Also, if your sleeves are kind of billowy, you might look a bit silly. Slim cut shirts go better with bow ties IMO
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