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Where do you carry....

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So my girlfriend, for my birthday, has purchased me a pair of flat front "Gavin" fit chinos from Banana Republic. Upon trying on said chinos, I noticed that if I put my wallet, cell phone, etc in the pockets, they make rather unsightly bulges at the front due to the slim fitting nature of the pants (that and the pockets are on-seam, which is terribly inconvenient). Which brings me to my question: Where are you all in the habit of carrying your personal accessories, especially when you're not wearing a jacket? Front pockets, back pockets, messenger bag, etc?
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Front pockets or in my messenger bag. If I'm going out for the evening, I'll leave the cell phone in the car, leaving just keys and a billfold with some cash and a few credit cards. I also carry a very slim, very short pen for jotting down numbers, etc... If I'm shlepping around during the day, I invariably carry a messenger bag to carry sunglasses, cellphone, an extra sweater, etc... There is just too much junk to stick in the pockets, and there is nothing dorkier than the electronic plumber look, with a pager, cellphone and PDA all clipped to the belt. Usually, it's those Sears catalogue looking guys in their khakis and tucked in polo shirts who do this. I feel a profound sense of pity and revulsion.
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For a while, I carried around a "man purse" to carry my cell phone, my BlackBerry, my keys, my sunglasses, my eyeglasses, a pen or two, debit card, driver's license, business cards, airline tickets, ad nauseum. This worked great, although not all my male work colleagues could relate to the "man purse" concept. I myself called it a "man purse" first, simply to avoid any snickering behind my back. I figured if I showed them I could laugh at myself about it, it would work just fine. I did this for about two or three years. Then, one day, I just streamlined and decided to carry less. Then, BlackBerry merged a cell phone and email device and two pieces of equipment got reduced to one. Then I bought a house that I never enter in through the front door, so I don't carry a house key anymore -- I just use the garage door opener to get in. Now I use an old 7" x 4" leather wallet Westin Hotels gave me for being a premier guest some years ago. I carry cash, my driver's license, and a debit card in it. A big Audi car key and the wallet are all I carry now, and I typically just carry these in my hands until I set them down or put them in a drawer at work. The BlackBerry I do carry on my waistband, although I don't like the look much either, LA Guy. But, it is convenient there. My pockets remain largely empty most of the time. Even loose change I put in a zippered part of the wallet until I put the coins in a piggy bank at home each evening. That's about it.
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I feel your pain Matt. I purchased 2 pairs of the exact same pants recently, but I shop at BR pretty often, so I knew what I was getting into. I only have 2 items that are usually with me everywhere... wallet and keys. When I wear flat front, BR style chinos, there is a definite conflict. If my g/f is with me, problem solved... she keeps the wallet/keys in her purse. If she's not, I usually carry a card holder and essential keys. I have few pet peeves, but bulging pockets is one of them.
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One thing that I have noticed is that the deeper the pocket, the more of a bulge it is likely to make. I never really thought about this until I got a pair of Seven jeans, which have very shallow pockets. Everything sits much higher up on the hips and out of the way. I don't have BR pants anymore, but from what I do remember, they had very deep pockets that often went halfway to the knees. You might try making the pockets shallower by "hemming" them.
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until last week, i carried only my fat wallet and one car key, then my company informed me that i had to get a cell phone. i now have a fat wallet in my back pocket, keys and change in the front/left, and nokia in the front/right. yes, it does create bulges, but at least it attracts women's attention to that part of my anatomy. unless you're wearing a suit, in which case everything needs to drape elegantly, i wouldn't worry about it.  
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I carry a messenger (shoulder) that I got from Prada, or a small square breifcase. I cannot stand how pants look once you put anything into the pocket - even if its an ID card, and a wallet to me while functional, just looks silly. With the messenger, you can carry your regular wallet as most bags have a space for it. I really cannot carry less, plus I like to travel on the subway with my Walkman - blocks people out As far as a man purse, I wouldn't worry about it, unless its an LV monogram you shouldn't get that many stares. Bally also makes some sleek "man-totes." Coach does also, but their quality is pretty bad, and their styles are as well.
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The only problem I have is the car key. Getting a key-pouch won't be good either, as it creates an even bigger bulge on a flat front pants (actually I only have two pairs of flat front, so I guess the solution for me is not to wear flat front when I am driving....). I hate coins. Though I don't use cash often, my girlfriend helps keep my coins after a candy purchase on a newspaper kiosk. I use a credit card wallet (with no coin compartment) that I could fit into the back pocket perfectly. My hankerchief on my right pocket and my keys on my left; I use a Sony Ericsson P800 (phone plus PDA plus camera all in 4.5"x2") and I always hold it in my hands. I once used a 'man purse', but the need to unzip-the-purse-to-pull-card-from-wallet-while-phone-rings was too much of a task for me as I unfortunately only have two hands. Other than that, pleated pants from Oxxford to Incotex to have pockets large enough to endure some weight. Not to mention the extra little coin pocket within the pocket.
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