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Originally Posted by pridecake View Post
As a general rule, how much should you size up from your raw dior size for washed models. Orange overdyes, UMC, clawmarks and such. I wear a sz29 MIJ that I'm fairly pleased with, what size should I be getting for any of the other models? Thanks everyone

As a general rule, size up 1 from your raw size.
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found my samurai s0610lx in a 32, but after a hot soak, they barely shrunk at all. might have been better off with the smaller size. if anyone wants a 32 20610lx, i made a fs post in the fs forum
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Originally Posted by radicaldog View Post
Pure Blue Japan XX-005 one-wash - a couple of questions:

- They don't shrink at all, right?

- How do they fit compared to run of the mill, cheapo Levi's 501?

- Where can I buy them in the UK?
1) Minimally. 2) If you have a pair of 501s, compare the measurements listed on blueingreensoho.com . Otherwise, I STRONGLY SUGGEST you look up photos of people wearing the jeans before you resume your interest in purchasing them. 3) You can't.
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who here has a 60 inch wait, ive got the jean for you!!


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holy hell... 17 1/2 leg hem opening hahaha
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60 inch waist and 32 length ahahahaha.
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While we're on the topic of eBay listings, I got a chuckle out of this one:

I got these jeans from a woman more fabulous than I am who advised me that I should wear them straight for something like six months without washing them. I tried them on once and it was like wearing a girdle. Needless to say I never put them on again.
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Def rubbed one out 2 dat 1
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Regarding Giant Swan's question about stretching jeans in the thighs, I wonder if you could use one of those waist stretcher devices but put one inside each of the pant legs - assuming it can get small enough to fit inside each pant leg?:


You'd have to stretch it in a few places probably to get an even stretch throughout the thigh area, but it seems like it might solve the problem. You could also try riding in the jeans, working out in them, or doing various calisthenic stretches in them perhaps?

Originally Posted by GiantSwan View Post
dumb newbie-esque question.

I bought some one wash momotaros a while back, and I love the jeans, but there is one problem: I've been riding my bike a lot, and my thighs have increased in size. Now, my previously perfect jeans have become rather uncomfortably tight in the thighs (it can be difficult to get them on). It's been about 8 ish months and I still haven't washed them, since I've been wearing them pretty lightly (weekends only, and even then not every weekend). Does anyone know of a good method to get them to stretch a bit and stay stretched?

I've tried searching but I can't come up with a search term that doesn't pull up every post there is about stretch denim. Thanks in advance!

pics of the jeans when i bought them, are back on:
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squats. Stretched out my diors with them. All jeans will stretch, given enough pressure
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Follow up to my Nudie Thin Finn sizing question. I sized down 1 from true waist. How is the fit on my TF DBC? The thighs and legs are pretty tight, but the butt looks a little odd. Perhaps they will look better when the Nudie booklet isn't in the back pocket and they are worn a bit?

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Looks how they're supposed to fit.
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looks a little arseface-ish to me. I avoid all looks where my ass appears to be consuming my pants.
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^^^Agreed. But, once the waist stretches some more, just sag 'em a bit and your arse will go hungry.
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Came across a pair of unwashed Buzz Rickson 1942 Dungarees in my size at a consignment store. They seem f-ing huge. I assume they are unsanfornized, but is the 1942 Levi 501 they are based on much fuller than later 501s? I know that WW II led to less denim in the 1947s, but would the 1942s fit baggy after a couple of hot soaks?
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