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The article you posted describes steps you can take if you're actually trying to shrink the hell out of your jeans (boiling them, drying them on high heat, etc). If you're just going to soak them in not-boiling water or throw them in the washing machine like a normal person, they're not going to shrink that much.
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Originally Posted by Swag22 View Post
Okay well I have a jean thats inseam is about 4-5 inches too long. I can cuff it, but it's still no good. They're extremely raw which is why I wouldn't want to get it tailored because there is potential shrinkage. maximum shrinkage I know it will lose alot of indigo with a soak or wash. It has been worn maybe 3-4 times but I can't make myself go out wearing them being soo long.

What do you think I should do? Hot soak even if no wear has been put on them?

stop being a pussy and hem them.
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Originally Posted by Swag22 View Post
What do you mean by relax lol?
What he means is that the article is 100% legit and will totally work. You know, until you put your jeans back on and they stretch back after a couple of wears. But hung up on the wall they will be totally shrunk!
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So if I was to follow his way (Which I am contemplating because I do want to shrink it alot, more length than waist) would it not damage the color of the raw denim?
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I wouldn't recommend it. Just hem the damn jeans.
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Im broke in recession mode...
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I just got into raw denim recently and after purchasing a couple of "entry level" pairs and being somewhat unsatisfied with the fit, I am thinking about purchasing a nicer pair. I am going to Japan in a month's time so I hope to pick up a pair while I'm there.

Here are fit pics of the pairs that I do have.

Naked and Famous Weird Guy

I find these to be too full in the thigh for my liking because it makes the taper look too drastic. Plus, I've got some brutal hip flare going on. I've been wearing these daily for the past 3 months, but every time I look in the mirror I am reminded of how disappointed I am with the fit. Perhaps I should have sized down 2 instead of 1. These are a 31, measured 34" at the waist (stretched), 12" at the thigh, 8.75" at the knee, and 7.5" at the hem.

3sixteen SL-100X

These are a slim straight cut, but again I wish they were slimmer through the thighs. The size 30 measures 31.5" at the waist, 12" at the thigh, 9" at the knee, and 7.75" at the hem.

FYI, I am 5'9", 32" true waist, ~22" thighs, 30" inseam. I'm not sure if it's my build or the cut of these jeans that's throwing things off, or even something stupid like too much stacking.

For my next pair of denim I am going to buy something with a slimmer thigh. I prefer smaller leg openings (7.5" to 8.25" hem). So I'm pretty much looking at slim straight or slightly tapered cut.

Right now I'm trying to decide between the following:

- Skull 5010xx 6x6 Raw (size 31)
- KMW 1980 Raw (size 30/31?)
- Self Edge x Dry Bones x Superdenim (size 31/32?)
- Self Edge x The Flat Head SEXFH05 (size 31, impossible to find so not really an option)
- The Flat Head 1001 (size 32/33? - are these available in Japan or only at Self Edge?)

Based on the description of the fit I'm going for, are these the right jeans? Will I still experience hip flare with these even though they fit slimmer through the thigh (i.e. does it happen because of too much stacking?). Are there any other that I should consider?
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try the KMW rockers, they're "skinny" but not skintight, they fit more like a drainpipe sort of jean IMO. i find the leg opening on the 1980s aren't quite slim enough and the leg taper might do you justice. YMMV though.
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Hey, I was hoping someone might be able to tell me about the fit on 45rpm Sorahikos
Ive heard that they are a fairly high rise jean, 5 button, runs a bit small, but was wondering if anyone had any first hand experiences with these, and what they think of the fit. Thanks.
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Looking for some advice on my next pair. Going for a moderately slim, versatile fit; not skinny, not relaxed. I'm ~32" true waist, for reference APC NS in 30 fits pretty well but has stretched out to be a little relaxed in the top block. From the knee down fit is good, wouldn't want to go slimmer but would be open to a little less taper. Thinking of trying: Somet 003 - Concerned about the rise being too low, a lot of my stuff has been altered around the medium rise of the NS and is spot on at the belt. Measurements at context look to be only half an inch off APC NS rise, but everyone brings up the rise so i wonder if it doesn't fit differently in reality. KMW 1980 - Having a hard time figuring out how these fit; some pics look like a borderline slim fit and others that look more like APC Rescue. Measurements I've seen seem to be pretty close to APC NS but they don't seem to fit that way in reality. Open to other suggestions of course.
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Ande Whall Cougar over both of those, hands down. Regular if you want a classic taper, Bootcut if you want a fuller straight leg (the flare is barely there).
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^ We get it, you like Ande's jeans. But the guy is looking for jeans slimmer than the NS in the top block. The Cougar is anything but.

I like the KMW 1980 out of those 2 options. PRPS Tight Fit and Studio D'Artisan SD103xx are worth looking into as well.
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I'll second the PRPS and KMW. I really like the denim of both.
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Then get Grifters. Cougars fit slimmer than the measurements suggest, though.

I don't understand why this is hard for people: you get Cone Mills selvage handstitched and cut to any inseam you want by the guy whose name is on the jeans, shipped from NZ for almost $100 less than your average BiG/Context/SE pair. Why they aren't already the default option is beyond me.

Dude is a noob and asked for a rec; I gave him one.

Edit: no need to take a shot at KMW; they are good and decent jawnz.
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Originally Posted by Bona Drag View Post
you get Cone Mills selvage

Same with LVC and Crate. The latter retails for less, and should be the default option (instead of APC) in my opinion.
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