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Originally Posted by gaseousclay View Post

go with what you feel comfortable in. I wear both regular fit and slim straights for my jeans. I like them to be not too baggy and not too tight. I think skinny jeans look ridiculous, but that's just me.



IMO Slight Striaght is the best cut becuase it gives the perfect balance between fashion and comfort. And its the best looking overall imo, I like how its comfortable through the thigh but then gets narrow towards the feet so your sneakers don't get hidden. The top  half of the jeans are pretty miuch like regular straight jeans, so your crotch and etc won't feel tight, they are just as comfortable as regular jeans, and you get the nice aesthetics below the knees of a slim jean.


Jeans and sneakers are both important and if you get them right you will be looking amazing.

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Originally Posted by Jaysek View Post

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the whole "fashion" and "style" scene, but I've been wanting to dress nicer and thought this would be a good place for some information.


I have a question about jeans; basically all my life I have just been buying the "straight leg" cut jeans; which style of jeans do you guys prefer? Been reading a lot of fashion articles and looks like "skinny" and "slim" cuts are the most fashionable, is that what y'all recommend?


I always wore straight because they felt comfortable, but I am due for some new jeans and want my next pair to be in the right direction. Slim and skinny looks like they would be really tight (especially around the crotch area)...between slim and skinny is either one more comfortable as far as giving you some wiggle room? Which one is less tight?


I'm excited to get a pair of jeans with a different style because I notice with my straight leg jeans, I always had to get a tailor to sew the bottoms because they would drag under my shoes...Also hoping with slim/skinny jeans they will sit right on top of my shoes so I can show of my shoes as well.


So which cut do you guys recommend? Slim, skinny, or what? Another reason I have been getting straight is because I'm pretty short and feel like skinny jeans would look off on me, and always figured that dark wash straight jeans were "classic".


I gotta say though that my latest pair of dark wash straight jeans, hemmed at the bottom by a tailor have been pretty great. they have a nice shape and fit to them, and when I put on my shoes I pull the tongue up over the bottom of the jean and it seems to fall nicely and have a good fit. Is that good or a tacky thing to do?


I would also like to know because when you google "skinny jeans men" you get a bunch of memes and pics making fun of guys in skinny jeans and calling it gay :S

 I also feel like they give a cleaner look especially if you want to show off your shoes, so would slim be a good middle ground? The more I look at my straight leg jeans now the more I feel like they look messy :(

Aside from fit, are you aware of what 'raw' and 'selvege' are?

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I have been searching and searching and im struggling to find jeans that I want so im hoping maybe someone on here could point me in the direction of some brands to check out.


I want some tapered, selvedge jeans that have a mid/dirty wash, with an inseam of 35, but 34 could be an option.


I can find a few which are a light wash but that isn't what I want right now. im looking for something similar in wash to the below pair on the left


if anyone could help I would be forever in your debt




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Ok, this has been bugging me for a while. Nobody says pant, trouser, Pajama, or boxer so why say jean?

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Wore N&F for a few years. Still think they are great jeans but less attracted to them due to how colorful they are. 


Right now just looking for a really basic, high-quality raw denim dark indigo brand.

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