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Originally Posted by dogboots View Post

My Uniqlo S001 are about to die out. I'm starting on my Nudie Average Joe's. I have to buy a new pair. Budget is about $200. Which is better, 3Sixteen or APC's?


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I've been looking for a black coated jean much like the pictured. Search gave me practically nothing but the Nudie Jeans Thin Finn/Grim Tim black coated so I ordered the Org. black ring from them. Come to find out the black coated is actually discontinued and I hope that the jeans will have that sheen I'm looking for.

If not, where else can I go for a good black coated jean?

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Those look amazing.
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how do people get their stacks to look that nice?  clearly those are set and didn't fall naturally but i can't even get mine to look that nice when i set them lol.


but then again i kinda like the more natural look anyway.  i'm happy with my current stacks but very curious how to make "perfect" stacks like that.

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They're Dior jeans, but I know they didn't make any this season. The guys in the NY store told me. So neither they OR Nudie makes a coated black jeans. Trying to see what I can get for ~$200 with that fit.
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I have them, they're great.  Stack really nicely too fwiw.

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What particular model are those Dior jeans?

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Leaden sky's maybe. Hard to tell.
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@cyc wid it: the balenciaga store will ship them to you but you'll probably have to pay retail.  They're pretty good with sizing help.

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Hello, I am interested in the Umnranded Brand UB301. What´s the quality and construction of this brand like? I mean, are they durable or I am going to start to see seams rips etc. in a couple of months. That´s was the case in a Levis 501 I recently bought.

Thanks a lot
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Originally Posted by Raindrop View Post

Hey, can anyone recommend me a brand/cut of jeans with similar measurements as below:



Waist: 31" waist
Rise: 10.5-11 Inches
Thigh: 10 Inches
Knee: 7.677 inches
Leg Opening: 7 inches

Flathead BSP

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I purchased the N&F WG in size 31, I usually wear 32 in denim. Received them today and tried them on, my research here has led to me think that the top button should be very hard to button. On these I not only got the top button but if I pull a little bit, I can fit my open hand down till a little past the knuckles. Should I return them for a 30 or pre-soak and where till they stretch out? I am going to a slim but not skinny look but I am not very well verse in raw denim.
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Love those Balenciaga's!
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I just finally went by Uniqlo Soho to try on their Made in Japan stuff. A few extreme newbie questions:


  • When I see people refer to S001 and S002, is that referring to Made in Japan Slim Fit and Regular Fit respectively, as branded in the store? The S would be for Selvedge?
  • The regular fit 31 waist fit perfectly in the changing room. Does that mean I should size down to a 30 waist?
  • The slim fit 32 waist was a bit tight at the thighs and waist, but close. Will the thighs stretch open a bit over time?
  • Does that mean I shouldn't size down the slim fit?


And I also swung by Levi's Meatpacking. I liked both the 513 and 508 at 31 waist, but the 508 was definitely looser. I want an even narrower leg opening. They didn't have 520 for me to try on, so I have to buy blind online. Should I size down to 30 (or smaller) assuming it will be slouchy?

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I got a pair of APC NS black denim raw that I want to shrink a bit. I've been trying to find tips here on SF and also in sufu, but there seems to be a wide range of opinions. Some people say a hot soak for 4 hours, some say hot wash in washer followed by a cycle in the dryer and then there's also like a cold soak method too crazy.gif. I'm a bit confused and hopefully someone could clarify things up.

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