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The ass/double vent relationship

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I kind of have a big ass.  It looks great in jeans, but it's aggravating as all hell when suit shopping.  I find a lot of great deals on suits, but very often they have double vented jackets, which look awful on me because they just kind of lie on top of my ass in a non-flattering way.  Is this something that can be fixed though alterations, or should I just focus on single vented?  I don't have a preference, I just want to be aware of my options.
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yeah, I have opposite problem. So side vent jacket looks better on me since my seat is not too large. I have seen men with big ass wearing side vent jacket, and I have to admit that side vent makes ass look bigger. I think your best bet is either single vent or no vent. No vent shapes torso the best i think, but it does wrinkle the jacket when you sit.
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Yeah, sometimes a single vent doesn't always close well on my. Can that be fixed with alterations?
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I go with the no vent option, and I think it fair to say that I have a big ass.
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Is it possible that the coats you're trying on are cut a bit small through the waist? I've found double vents give me less gappage than center vents.
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I go with the no vent option, and I think it fair to say that I have  a big ass.
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I think this is a conditional question. I am thin, but a decently padded backside. For me a double vented suit is DEFINITELY the way to go. I have single and no vent suits, but they do not "do it" for my look. Double vented show off my figure just enough to show that I am more than just the suit, if cut right. I think the non vented suit hides your figure, letting the suit itself dominate the overall appearance vs your body. If your backside is well rounded along with your middle, I think the non vented suits can be much more slimming, if cut properly along the middle. The issue, as I see it, is that if you have a big middle, a double vent creates an opposing view from the side, and can make your butt look even bigger. No vents are stright up and down, without anything to catch your eye, hiding what you don't want seen. Personally, I don't like single vents even though I have one (gift). I just don't see the purpose so I can't really comment too much.
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I have a big butt. Center vents don't work on me at all. In order to get them to cover my butt, they are too big through the waist. I have found that a properly fitting double vent is the best look, and a no-vent jacket also looks good. Get your double vented jackets altered, and I believe you will have better luck.
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Vents that pop open, center and side, are sometimes the result of a protruding belly. The front of the coat is pushed forward, and the back of the coat at and above the waistline is pulled in too close to the small of the back. Distorting the vertical line of the coat causes the vent(s) to pop, and the snug fit in the lower back emphasizes the "shelf" of the seat. This is not always the case, but it's worth considering when diagnosing splayed vents. Is my belly causing my vents to pop?
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