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Originally Posted by Patek View Post
If only Alden made attractive lasts...
From this angle it looks a bit like the famous JM Weston mocassin, my all time favorite as far as penny loafers are concerned (This is no secret by now ).
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First post.

I love penny loafers and wear them a lot, usually with khakis or khaki shorts and a shirt.

I will wear penny loafers with a suit in one and only one scenario: casual day at work or a casual daytime event in the late spring or the summer, with a tan suit of cotton poplin or wool doeskin. NO SOCKS. That's the only time. Probably comes out to once every other week during the late spring and early summer.
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This may be a goofy newbie question, but I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on finding penny loafers that are on the quieter side.  In every other way, something like the Bass Wilton would be perfect for me.  But when I look at videos on Youtube I notice they make more noise than I want.  Part of it is the volume of the noise.  But more it is that it's a higher pitched noise, almost like women's shoes.


I know shoes are supposed to make noise and that there's generally nothing wrong with that.  But at my work I want to be a bit more modest.  Do I need to go totally rubber to get something a little quieter, or are some decent quality penny loafers quieter than others?

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