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Dress shoes or boots?

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Hi, I am just curious. Which do you prefer? Dress boots or shoes? And why do you prefer it? Actually, I am thinking of buying dress boots, possibly because I want the shoe and not the sock to be seen more clearly when I cross my legs, and because they look quite cool. Besides, I think they allow you to balance better: The extra height could serve as a support for your leg to lean on when you slant to one side when standing on a bus which stops or starts sharply every 2 seconds. At least I think it should. WJTW
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lt's really funny with me ya know, l have an awful lot of dress boots (l have alot more boots than l ever intended) yet l prefer lace-up shoes. Regards: shooman.
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For a few years I only wore dress boots. my take on it is they are a little out of the ordinary, they look elegant but also very "macho"- so for a person who uses a tough persona in work they are very fitting. they add a little height. now all I have is a pair of 3 eyelet ancle boots, and I don't wear them very often.
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I remember reading an interesting article on the history of men's formal wear, which stated that all modern dress shoes come from dress boots. Apparently, before the invention of the modern dress oxford, all men wore boots with suits. The reason being that boots were viewed as very dressy and formal articles of footwear. So, I guess logic would dictate, that while it isnt practiced as much these days, dress boots would trump any oxford in terms of formality. However, that hinges on a few factors. When I say dress boots, I dont mean clunky ones. A pair of sleek 3 eyelet Edward Greens, single sole, plain front. I wear these exact boots all the time, and love the way it looks. And yes, they are a bit quirky, but thats kind of the charm of them.
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I would maybe say dress boots, if not for the fact that suit trousers do not fall very well over them. I have a ton of monk straps of varying design in several colors, but I have relatively few lace-ups (saving up - at least mentally - for a special pair of EGs ;-)
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Oddly, even though I prefer lace-up shoes, I would try my best top let my pants cover them, or if I can't cover them, I tie them small to make them less conspicuous. Yet I don't wish to buy loafers or monk straps. Anyway, an additional question: if you prefer dress boots, which sort of dress boots? Ankle, half the leg or up to the knees? I would prefer ankle boots, because any higher and I can't walk properly. WJTW
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Shoes.... I don't know why. Probably because I haven't found the perfect boot yet. Or perhaps it's the infinite variety of shoes available.
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Shoes.... I don't know why. Probably because I haven't found the perfect boot yet. Or perhaps it's the infinite variety of shoes available.
one slightly off the point question - when buying boots do I need to size up 1/2 a size? i saw a pair of RL boots on bluefly that i liked. they only had 8 and i'm a 7.5 in most dress shoes but an 8 in running shoes. what are the chances an 8 will fit?
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Why not both. Shoes for dancing boots for walking? No boots on the beach though. ;> I enjoy both and wouldn't like to give up one or the other. Although boots I find better for casual wear.
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l prefer ankle boots. Then again, l like longer boots for colder days. l have really well made Johnny Moke London ankle boots that fit me perfectly. lt is total bliss on my feet. Fits better than MTM shoes and boots. Beautiful leather, l am so lucky to have those boots (l have 2 unworn exact copies in storage). l have had them 6 years and they have aged beautifully, they look new. Johnny Moke shoes = channeled soles. Johnny Moke boots = soles stitched aloft.
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