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28 x 30 pants?

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Hey guys I had a quick question for all us small guys. I need to buy some dress trousers that are 28 x 30. Currently i'm wearing the ones from Gap, they fit great btu I just want something a little lighter. I've seen some when I go shopping but never a 28 waist size pants that were a decent brand. Any suggestions? Thanks,
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I wear the same size, and have faced the same problem. I usually resort to just ordering online and praying it looks good. But many brands just don't make pants with less than a 30 waist. It's often not so much that the store isn't carrying them, the size just isn't made in that line. I've seen much slimmer pants come out as small as a 26 waist at some mall stores like American Eagle, but that's no place to buy dress pants.
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I used to have the same problem - a little worse, as a 30" inch inseam was a bit long on me - but have since 'grown' into a 30" waist . But I worked in a retail store at the time and I knew they got in 1-2 pairs of 28x30's. Find a favorite store (or three or four), ask the manager to set aside anything they get in, in any style, in your size. Tell them you may not buy them all, but you need to at least try them on and see how they fit. As an added suggestion, take the pair that fits best right now and *measure* the waist. This will give you a refernce for eBay and other online sources. If someone has a pair of '29x30' or '30x30', ask them to measure and see what they come up with. I have ound enough variablity that I can currently wear anywhere from 29" to 32" waists.... From the Far Side of the World, Bryan jeep4wdva
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