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I'm a writer who works from home so I don't need to own suits and jackets but I do like to dress up weekend nights so: I have two suits and I believe in the neighbourhood of 18 sport jackets. To accompany them I believe are about 100 shirts, though only about 50 I would consider to be the A stock. As for ties, I don't wear them anymore but I do have a decent collection of about 10 or so.
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(FIHTies @ 21 Oct. 2004, 9:16) www.CarloFranco.com a local favorite on the forum here Member name Chuck can probably help more on the Long issues. JJF
FYI, Chuck's member name is Carlo.
Its been a long week... JJF
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6 suits with 6 extra waistcoats (for a total of 6 jackets, 12 trousers and 12 waistcoats), about 20 dark blue shirts and 20 white shirts (for day to day wear), 40-50 nicer shirts with white french cuffs and white colars (for meetings), 2 top coats, trench coat in cloth, trench coat in leather (specifically for eastern Europe). couple of nice dressing gowns, one dinner jacket. I would say that if I wanted to build a starter wardrobe I would get 4 suits with 2 pair of pants each, and maybe 10 shirts, 2 pair of shoes and a good lines trench coat. I lived with that for a few years in my twenties. I also think that it is a good strategy to have all your shirts look alike for day to day office wear - it simplifies your life and people realize that it isn't the same shirt, they have no idea how many shirts you have.
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I have 4 suits and 2 sports coat for work and 2 suits for special occasion. I have about 5 dress shirts for work and 4 for going out clubbing etc. You may think thats not enough, but all the shirts I have, I wear them all. I do not like to keep or buy things that I would not wear. For each suits, I wear AT MOST once a week. If you are living in colder region, I suggest you to buy mid weighted fabric suits and wear over coat when it gets cold.
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I pared down my closet last spring before moving; I'm now at 7 suits and 9 sports coats (Had 14 suits and 12 sports coats before that--now I'm feeling the urge to acquire... )
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Everything that follows is MTM. 2 suits - Navy and Charcoal.  Both are 3 piece.  I am planning to add a Brown suit and an Oxford Grey one, although I rarely wear suits as it is and am looking at those purchases as simply a splurge (ie. no financial reason why I would do it).  For detail, they are Super 120's Wool and Cashmere in what I believe to be fused (although I swear it has a canvas front in an almost 50-50 canvas vs. fused). I plan to get the Brown and Grey in a full canvas, Super 150 fabric. Separately, I have built a 2:1 ratio of shirts to trousers since my office is business casual.  I just color coordinate based on that ratio.  Right now 4 trousers, 8 shirts.  Trousers are Wool 120's with a full lining (vs. to the knee).  Shirts are various 2ply and 3ply's Cottons (twills, oxfords, and egyptian). I will most likely maintain that ratio going forward as I add more trousers and shirts. Regards, CT
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37 suits for me (top row of my picture. Bottom row is sport coats and dinner jackets). I keep telling myself, I am not obsessive, I am not obsessive, I am not obsessive.............................
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Well, at least the hangers aren't perfectly spaced out over the length of the bar.
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J: Now that you've help Mr. This refine his obsession, don't you have some penance to do?
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cuffthis, wow. no more words.
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37 suits for me (top row of my picture. Bottom row is sport coats and dinner jackets). I keep telling myself, I am not obsessive, I am not obsessive, I am not obsessive............................
Sir, I tip my hat to you.
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I never thought I'd fall in love with a closet. Once again I was wrong.
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I have 12 suits. I have like 4 that are heavyweight cloth and good for the Winter months. I have 8 that are of medium/lightweight cloth and those are great for the rest of the year. I know I will get a lot of heat for this, as I did for the Turnbull and Asser post earlier, but I usually buy my suits custom or MTM. Unfortunately, the time has come where I need some more suits; and given my new job, I suspect I will definitely be adding 12 new MTM Brioni duds to my closet. Either Brioni or possibly, custom Fioravanti suits.
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21 suits, 8 sport coats, 20 pairs odd trousers, 59 shirts and 150 +/- ties... oh and 54 pairs of shoes (not counting trainers, flip flops, deck shoes, etc) and 15 belts. Roughly 1/3 need to be replaced with higher quality better fitting, but I'm working on it.
You sound like me Tom. I have 32 suits, 53 pairs of shoes, 57 businessshirts, 180 ties, 25 pairs of cufflinks, 43 pairs of undies, 13 Casual jackets, 16 pairs of jeans, 12 top-notch belts, etc......
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I have 5 suits and 2 sportscoats that are appropriate for business.  That is more than enough for me.  I am always looking out for good deals, but have become a lot more discriminating now that I am a civil servant with a mortgage.
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