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Is this thread still available?

I'm interested in not only V/G Ninjahoods, but Ninja-high,"The Beast" and so on.
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OK sale is back. I've done a stock take, and updated the list. NEW RULES: Vexed are waaaay too busy and simply not interested in messing around with returns anymore, so from this point on ALL SALES ARE FINAL. This sounds harsh but should not be a problem for you as long as you take the time to look up the size chart below before ordering rather than just ordering whatever size you are normally. SIZING. THESE GARMENTS COME UP SLIM. DO NOT ORDER A NINJA WITHOUT CHECKING YOUR MEASUREMENTS FIRST AS ALL SALES ARE FINAL. All measurements are in CM and refer to Sleeve length, Front length, Back length, and Chest width, respectively. Small: 60, 58, 68.5, 91 Medium: 61, 59, 69.5, 98 Large: 63, 61, 71, 102 XL: 67, 63, 73.5, 107 XXL: 67, 65, 76.5, 110 REMAINING STOCK AS OF 24/10/09 XS high necks: Red: 1 Small High necks: Royal blue: 1 Navy blue: Red: 2 Grey: 2 Medium High necks: Royal blue: 1 Pale blue: 3 Navy blue: 4 Red: 5 Black: 11 Large High necks: Green: 1 Royal blue: 7 Pale blue:1 Red: 1 Black: 5 XL High necks: Purple: 3 Green: 3 Grey: 1 Royal blue: 3 XXL High necks: Green: 2 Small Ninjahoods: Red: 6 Black: 7 Grey: 1 (old school with Riri zipper) Navy: 1 (old school with Riri Zipper) Medium Ninjahoods: Royal blue: 1 Navy blue: 4 Red: 4 Large Ninjahoods. Royal blue: 11 Red: 6 XL Ninjahoods. Royal blue: 11 Red: 1 Grey: 1 Thankyou and goodnight.
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Dear sybaritical,

Could I order 2 of the remaining Large Ninjahoods?

Depending on where you/vexed's store of these are, I'd like to come and pick them up so I can save you money on postage (and risk of them going missing), give payment in person - and decide which colours. As far as location goes, I'm not far from the old vexed studio near broadway market.

That said, understand completely if it's more hassle for you to arrange a meet - if so I'd ask for One in Blue, and one in Red.

let me know what's best for you!

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Further to my previous post, can anyone advise if it's best to PM sybaritical?

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Dear Sybaritical
I had my full ninjahood, fleece, stolen a couple of years ago, and I have been looking for a replacement ever since. I miss it. Are there any left? wHICH COLOURS AND SIZES?
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Hey Mcfed there are a lot of Royal blue ninja highs and hoods and a few red pieces left but the blacks and greys are almost entirely gone in every size. Shoot me an email with what you want & I can see what's there. To everyone who's ordered anything in the last month, as far as I know it's all been shipped and you should be receiving your ninjas about now.
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Hello, I was wondering what you have left in medium and large sizes and if you have any pics to go along with it.

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For the Ninjahoods, i mean
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We have red and royal blue ninjas in Hoods and high neck style. We have black left in high neck alone. just for prosperity and because I'm sort of friendly I will repeat my mantra: These things come up small, so check the measurements carefully as we no longer accept returns. All the pics are at the start of this thread. Colours are accurate enough, high neck detail is there, pics are small but descriptive.
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Hey, really want an extra large full ninja hood....are there any left in stock?? Please get back asap because it's for someones birthday.
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Hi there, I am interested in any Vexed stuff that you have left, I have got an old vexed top at home and will check the size tonight to see what it is I think it is XL or XXL what do you have left?
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hi. is it still possible to get one or two of those amazing ninjahood. i ve got one at home but i bought it 10 years ago but now it s a bit destroyed. could you tell me as soon as you can.

best regards
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Hello! I hope you're still checking this thread. I would really like to get one of these hoodies, but I had a few questions (which, if they were covered in the thread already, you can just say "Hey idiot, go read the thread). 1) Is it still even possible to get one? 2) Is that stock list more or less still up to date? 3) Are they still 75 pounds, or has the price fluctuated up/down? I'll probably email you this as well, once I can get my hands on something to measure myself with. Surprisingly more difficult than I would have thought! Apparently I don't own anything even remotely resembling a ruler or measuring tape.
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I am hoping these are still around? SO hard to find. If so please email me at
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Oh sorry. I would be after a Ninjahood, size M or L in Navy
Will email you as well
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