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LOL everyone posting in this thread has 2 posts. Fake accounts made by seller?
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*yawn* People looking for ninjahoods and vexed generation gear run google searches end up here and have to join the forum to communicate with me. That is all.
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syb is a good guy. know him well from sufu.
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Syb has been doing this for awhile. Is definitely trustworthy
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i vouch for syb too
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Syb's is a true gentleman. Honest seller plus mega green rep.
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K cool, just seemed a little sketchy having a thread with a bunch of new registered users giving him props.
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prolly new here, but sufu expats.
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To be able to send PMs your post count must be 2 or greater.
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does these clothes are the ones as decribed on the chanel 4 real design site ?

" the Vexed Parka has strategic padding to cover the kidneys, spine, skull and groin as protection against physically injury from attack or other kind of accident. "

and " The finished material is scuff proof and slash resistant, waterproof and fireproof."


Thanx for the info
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Replied to your PM. The Vexed Parka is made in Ballistic Nylon. The Ninjahoods are made in Heavy weight polartec 300 nylon fleece. Both are no longer in production. I am considering having a private sale of Vexed generation clothing from my own collection later in the year. Anyone reading this who's interested can PM their details and requests and I will get back at if I go ahead with it.
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do you have any hoods left in stock?
am very keen to purchase....



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So has anyone taken delivery yet?
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This looks like the only place left to find this clothing.
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Sale is back on. I'm personally doing a stock take on Friday and will finally be able to get some detailed pics of fit and construction for anyone interested. Postthem up after the weekend.
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