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3 suits - what works, what doesn't? - Page 2

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Number 2 is my favorite on you. The pants on number one looks an inch too long. Overall, they all look really good. It's hard for me to tell on a still photograph how a suit fits. I have to see movement and the best criterion is how the jacket moves when you lift your arms from your shoulders. I'm always thinking of Cary Grant's gray suit in his movie North by Northwest. That jacket kept its shape no matter what Cary did.
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#2 is good in terms of fit, could probably take in a bit here and there judging from the back photo but it's good. I like the flaps on the pockets even if it's a bit unconventional. It looks like there's a blue-ish windowpane on it as well, yes? However, I like #1 the best. It's messy, dishevelled and it looks very cool. Shorten the trousers and the sleeves a bit and wear it casually.
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I vote for #3
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Third is Thick as Thieves no?
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I really like two and three
Loving the cloth and fit on No2. Personally I would opt for double vents, lose the patch pockets and cuffs but hey they are minor details.
The first is not my cup of tea TBH but looks a nice casual suit.
Three nice purchases.
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Thanks to everyone for the responses. It is helpful to have some criticism as its sometimes difficult to know exactly what looks off without some context.

And to clarify, the third suit is Thick as Thieves. It has ~.5" wider lapels and a ~1" longer skirt than the house style. It would look better if the shoulders were 1" narrower, but thats a mistake of measurement on my part.

Perhaps i'll post some updated pictures after some alterations.
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