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Are these EGs?
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I was told that they are made by Bacco Bucci.
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Are these EGs?
Frickin sickening. This is why I never buy used shoes.
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You couldn't pay me to put my feet in those shoes.
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The UK-based textile mills and distributors have rather an incestuous relationship, with distributors having access to the same mills and marketing the same cloth under their own individual brand names.  Generally speaking, though, the tried-and-true merchants offer the highest level of consistency of cloth, which is why it is adviseable to stick with a respected merchant.  You can have confidence they are offering quality cloth.  It's not unusual to see the same swatch of cloth sold by differing distributors.  H. Lesser, however, a firm still under family-run management, does enjoy a higher status in the marketplace, affording Lesser certain privileges in the form of access to mills that other merchants do not have access to:  The esteemed Carlo Barbera mill is a notable example of Lesser's clout.  Lesser doesn't enjoy exclusive access to CB, however they're one of a select group of merchants. Actually, the fact that Lesser uncharacteristically denotes the Carlo Barbera name on their range books points to CB's own prestige in the world.  In other instances, Lesser has first rights to various "first shearings" representing the finest selections of cloth. Grayson
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it's spellt "Dormeuil", and don't bother trying to pronounce it : the sound doesn't exist in english. .luc
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