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Necktie billow

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I like to wear waistcoats/vests, particulalry in the fall winter. When I do, I prefer for my tie to kind of billow, or puff out a bit over the V of the vest. So, I tend as I move from sitting to standing to pull my tie up a bit, so it curves away abit from the chest and ever so slighlty rests on the V of the top of the vest (Clear?). Anyway, I was thinking that the way to handle this might be to simply wear a tie clip under the vest in such a way that a littel extra tie fabric is held above the clip so as to create and maintain the slight billowing effect (b/c gravity won't be able to keep pushing it down). Does anyone here use a tie clip? I've seen two kinds: 1) a clip that has a metal spring like device to create tension so that the clip operates a bit like a vice with one end having a serrated edge, and 2) a clip that is not mechanical (my preference) and basically looks like a thin money clip, relying on the tension of the bend in the metal to keep the shirt/tie in place. I prefer the latter, but I'm concerned (I've seen them in 14K gold) if I get a nice one, it might just fall off during the day becasue it doesn't have enough tension in it - Does anyone have any experience with these? Rather a long and odd question - Sorry.
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I use tie clips rather frequently. I buy sterling silver ones at Paul Stuart. They are pretty cheap too, about $35-$50.00. They work on just about any tie, unless its an extremely thick one, but thats not really the norm anyway. In fact, the money clip type work better than the spring loaded clip version. I think they look great, especially when worn on a bit of an angle, like you dont care how it looks.
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although i don't wear a vest i like the look of my tie slightly billowing out above a tie clip..i have recently started to wear the moneyclip type which like phil i wear at a slight angle and purchase at paul stuart ..they have a very nice selection..the only problem i find is not so much the thickness of the tie but rather the width of the tie..too bad these clips don't come in just a little bit longer size..
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Another option is a strip of fabric with botton holes at both ends.  It is slipped through the label of the tie and then buttoned to adjacent shirt buttons. The primary purpose is to keep the tie from flopping about laterally, a problem that used to plague me but now does not. I have an extra one. If you'd like to have it, PM me, and I'll mail it to you. Mike
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