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I had a natural coloured CH jacket that served me very well but after 10 years I grew tired of it and donated it. It was still in good condition too.
Personally I would not wear a double-breasted blazer made of camel because it would have the effect of a peacoat. Too stuffy lookin. My $0.02 worth.
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I bought a nice brown camel hair blazer while I was in Germany, and I really enjoy wearing it.  It can be very stylish, depending on what you wear with it.  Since my blazer is dark brown, I wear black slacks and a nice quality blue dress shirt.  Tan slacks would probably also work.  Mine is made by Tasso Elba, and was sold by Macy's, but I bough it for cheap on  I normally wear this blazer for special occasions, like when the VP of operations is dropping by my office.  I surely would not wear it in rainy weather, but it is very nice to wear in the winter.

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I have always wanted a CH blazer. Finally got a Brooks Bros CH about a year ago. Wondering what color shirts are acceptable to wear with it.

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