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Originally Posted by eg1 View Post
My tailor in Toronto had it in one of his swatch books -- it is with some embarrassment that I admit I don't know which fabric house.

No problem. Thanks anyway.
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Originally Posted by dsgNYC View Post
This reminds me of the Brooks Brothers Black Fleece camel hair DB blazer I really want. I love it paired with those pants. It's on sale...for only $840

nice but what you think about a brand new Brioni camel hair db jacket for only 300??
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Though this thread is a bit old...perhaps i can get some last-minute advice.

Would it be gauche to pair a camelhair with grey winter-weight chinos, and not wool trousers? would it be garrish to complete with a bowtie (wool, black watch, point-tip)?
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[quote=eg1;2236846]I just had one made up (SBNL; 3B; flapped pockets; side-vents) -- unfortunately I have only been able to wear it twice so far since we are into the summer months and the weight of it is more appropriate for the other three seasons. Colorwise I think it is fantastically versatile. Damn didnt realize how old the thread was. Aw well.
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Originally Posted by del4 View Post
How are camel hair blazers usually worn? I'm 37 years old and I am conservitive stylewise. I am looking for something casual to throw over a nice polo or sport shirt. Is this what I am looking for?

yes, it is.
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I think they are an excellent alternative to blue blazers.
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I have two Camel hair blazers -- one in black and one in deep burgundy/rust. I typically wear them with a thin silk or cotton sweater or high-end long sleeve three-button polo shirt and navy or charcoal flannel trousers. They also look good with an odd vest, dress shirt and interesting tie. Camel blazers are rather warm and relegated to fall/winter wear. I get six months of wear out of them here in Denver. Not quite as versatile in warmer locals. IMO camel hair blazers are more interesting in other colors than "camel." The two I own get lots of complements.
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The manager at my local RL store was wearing a nicely fitted one recently with: dark brown bluchers, a dark brown merino turtle neck, and a killer pair of wool pants--from the 2009 season, a subtle plaid, overall effect was medium brown but the pants contained several shades of brown and green. Traditional but super sharp. I think camel blazers really benefit from adding patterned pants.
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I picked up two from some guy on Ebay who had had them custom made, one in a nice rich brown (a bit dark than "camel" I think), and a grey glenplaid. I get a lot of wear out of the brown, basically wear it as a blazer, usually with a blue shirt, sometimes a tie. I'm actually a professor, so the "professor look" is fine. I'm only 28, but the cut is pretty good so it doesn't feel old to me.
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I feel comfortable wearing mine only when I dress it down with older jeans, even a pair of Doc Martens. When I try it with tie or nice slacks it feels to dandy. I am not sure if this make sense. Mine is a light colored one. It is made by Etro (with the typical wild colors lining) so it has more modern cut. Some others are very "boxy," like the ones sold at Costco for $ 75 at times. Not much can be done with those.
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I've been trying to find one that approaches slim fitting. I've been having trouble. Polo doesn't offer one, and I'm pretty sure all the BB coats are the Madison cut. Anyone have any leads that don't lead to $1000+?
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Originally Posted by dsgNYC View Post
This reminds me of the Brooks Brothers Black Fleece camel hair DB blazer I really want. I love it paired with those pants. It's on sale...for only $840

Did you notice the notch lapels? I hope it doesn't have a centre vent too.
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^^^ This is pretty much what I wore today, except my blazer is single breasted.
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i am 39 years old and in the fall, winter and early spring, i wear camel hair with mock turtlenecks and jeans to church on sundays, bible study on wednesday nights, prayer meeting on tuesday nights and choir practice as well.  i have a tan colored one that i wear a lot, as well as a navy blue one and a gray striped one and black one. i have a black one i wear to funerals and i have a hunter green colored one i wear on special occasions. for funerals , weddings, or special occassions, i sometimes wear a dress shirt and tie. but i love camel hair. i own around 13.

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^ Which fabric do you prefer for secular occasions?
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