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Pinstripe pants

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I've seen a recent trend with pinstripe blazers with jeans. Being new here I haven't read enough to know whether or not this is the equivalent of a "striped button-down shirt and dark jeans to the club" look but nonetheless, it is prevelant. I, however own a pair of navy pinstripe pants: IMO they look great with a dress shirt and tie, but i want to take them up a notch and am unsure of what type sport coat to wear with them. Can a sport coat be worn with them? I was thinking a navy blazer, however, the 2 tones of navy may clash or look like you're trying too hard to match? Any suggestions?
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Personally, I think you'd be better off with a more casual top, like a leather/suede blazer/jacket or some such.
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I have midnight blue pinstripe (dark brown) pants from banana republic. I wear it with mid gary houndstooth 3 button sports coat. I wear white shirts with it. Works quite well i think.
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I'll sometimes do a pinstripe blazer with different width pinstriped pants, it is an interesting contrast, I wouldn't do navy on navy though...
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sportcoat would be fine, but no navy on navy...i'd go with camelhair or some other shade of brown.  Grays would go great too.
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Ditto. Absolutely do not wear a jacket in a similar color to the pants. Gray, camel, brown, green, whatever, just not dark blue.
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So would that make it ok for me to be wearing a pair of grey pinstripe pants with my navy blue Sport coat? Thanks for the help.
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