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Red sox,navy suit

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I'm wearing red socks today in honor of our beloved Red Sox,who slayed the Yankees in the House That Ruth Built last night.I'm in retail,and the customer comments have been nothing but favorable.I'm wearing a red Robert Talbott tie as well.
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Well done. If I had any brain power this morning I should have done that. I saw this in the Boston Herald today... "The playoffs-happy honchos at the Charles Hotel left guests a pair of red socks and a Dancing Deer ``Reverse the Curse'' cookie in their rooms last night. Hope the out-of-towners caught the fever." All the Yankees fans in my office are eating the biggest piece of humble pie I have ever seen. BTW: I am in the Financial District in Boston today and was outside of Fenway last night after the game. Awesome.
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Yes,nursing a hoarse throat from hollering all night a the local sports bar. Go Sox.
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I wish I owned a pair of red socks, I definitely would be sporting them right now.
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All partianship aside, its a sartorial shame that the Yankees didn't win just because the Yankee classic pinstripe is unbeatable. Its the best looking uniform in sports today, although the charger old school blues are also pretty nice as well.
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I agree-definitely the coolest baseball uniform of all time. I love the NY logo too-it conveys a certain no nonsense power logo kind of symbolism.I'm sure proud of our sox,though..
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Somebody said it was like the Red Sox killed Jason, Freddie Krueger, and Michael Myers all at the same time. Now if we could do something about the hairstyles (and facial hair) on that team... Congrats, Fashionslave. Good luck in the World Series.
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