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Winter wear

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I have a great pair of very light brown shows from Fratelli Rosetti. Can I wear these in the winter months, even though they were sold as summer shoes? Also, I have a light yellow sweater....is this appropriate or off limits during the frost? By the way, I live i NYC. Thanks..
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Sorry for highjacking your thread, but I'd like to know too. I have a number of pastel colored sweaters and long sleeve shirts. Are these acceptable winter wear assuming I'm not in Palm Beach?
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I usually save the pastels for spring/summer. Cooler months call for "warmer" colors. The yellows should lean more towards mustard from Sept-March, IMHO. I guess if a light yellow colored sweater is made of a heavy wool, then it is obviously supposed to be worn during the winter. Now, you can still see a lot of bright colors in the fall collections, but I think there are subtle differences vs. the summery pastel shades. All bets are off if you live in Palm Beach, from what I understand. Its allegedly fair game to go out looking like an ice cream cone year-round there, even encouraged, I gather.
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The general rule is to avoid pastels (and white outerwear) in the winter months. However, once in a while, I'll selectively break this 'guideline' on a particularly sunny winter day. On such a day, those shoes would look great with that sweater...but don't do it often, and don't do it at night.
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