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what do you guys think about MEXX? too gino/clubbing style?
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I was in the Mexx store in NYC about 4 months ago. I was amazed at how bad everything was. The quality was bad. It looks like it was made by monkeys. The fabrics were nasty and the construction was worse. Made H & M look high class. Zara and even club Monaco have much better stuff for just a little more money.
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I am not impressed with MEXX. IMO the quality does not live up to the prices.
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Zara is my absolute favourite store for designer looking pieces at low prices. The construction isn't the greatest in the world, though, but it's not like you're paying an arm and a leg for anything there. Very, very slim cuts too. I don't like Mexx. I never even picked up a piece to see how good the quality was. Nothing in there caught my eye whatsoever. Except for a ring. Which I didn't even buy.
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i got a pretty good deal. 2 muscle shirts (me and my friend got 1 each, black ones) for $40 Canadian each. so like $20 for one..that's the only thing that caught my eye.
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I checked out MEXX this week. Quality was worse than BR and it seemed like an overrpriced H&M to me. I was amazed to see pants in there for $80.
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