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I as well don't like the 2 tone watches. I don't care for gold watches period personally, more of a stainless steel/leather band guy. The Cartier Tank Francaise was the 1st 'high end' watch that caught my eye years ago, and I would still love to own one one day. The fact that it is a 'movement lightweight' is not all that important to me. IOW, go with what you like- don't get a Patek just b/c it's a Patek. In fact I personally find most of the Pateks pretty ugly
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norcal, how about something like this?
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Why all the dissing on two-tones?  I have an Omega Constellation with 18k yellow gold and SS alternating links with gold on the face, and I can tell you it is beautiful. You wouldn't believe the compliments I get with it.
Just to clarify -- my primary objection is to watches with two-tone bracelets like this Rolex Daytona; watches with two-tone bezel and lugs, like this Girard-Perragaux, while not something I would wear, are much less cringe-inducing.  (Of course, I would love to OWN that Daytona, as it's one of the few watches you can buy and later sell for a profit.) In my opinion, two-tone watches are the implementation of an idea -- that you can own one watch that is perfect for all situations -- that doesn't quite work.  The primary purpose of a two-tone watch, it seems to me, is to enable its wearer to match the watch to whatever color metal he is also wearing.  This level of fastidiousness demonstrates more of a slavish devotion to "the rules" than a sense of good style.  Secondly, because steel is generally associated with sporty watches and gold with dressy watches, when you combine them you generally end up with a 'tweener -- a watch that is too sporty to be a dress watch, but too dressy to be a sports watch.  Finally, except for the iconic Cartier trinity ring, white metal does not look good with yellow metal.  It's like combining a navy blazer with black slacks. Just my $.02 of course.  I hope you're not offended.
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I have a similar daytona, 14k/ss with blue bezel, and I like it for some situations, I do agree that it is too dressy for a sport watch though, although I wouldn't agree that it isn't suitable for more formal occasions.
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I guess I should chime in... First of all regarding metal choice, whether they maybe in pure or in mixed form, are merely personal choice. Albeit I do think that some watches are fitted for two-tone combinations (and not necessarily a mix of 18kt yellow gold and stainless steel) than others. With that said, the Cartier Santos is one of those watches that really does look good as a two-tone watch. Not that I am a fan of two-tone, per say...since I tend to purchase white metal watches but I will give a nod to the Cartier's looks and design. About resale value: not to go into a whole spiel, since every WIS knows that there a hundreds of posts on dozens of websites dedicated to this very subject, but I would seriously recommend that you do not purchase the watch based on its potential resale value, it is a fools errand. Suffice to say the watch should make you happy now, not later on in life. As well, I must argue that even though Cartier's resale value is not as good as say Patek's, they are on average above the rest of the watch market and not necessarily a complete waste of money if purchased above of 35% of retail cost (use TAG Heuer as an example). My best recommendation is don't rush into the purchase; take your time, read all you can about your prospective watch options before taking the plunge. Its is better to wait and be sure about your purchase than to buy now but be sorely disappointed soon thereafter. Out of curiosity, what is the primary activity that you wish pursue with the watch? (I already know that deep-sea diving is not one of them) Jon. BTW: Blue and black are very French colors. I have seen the two combined sartorially and pulled off quite nicely.
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How much is such a Daytona?
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From a Rolex dealer, I think the current price is about $12k depending on the options, dial etc.
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imageWIS-- With all respect, I will assert again that in a very long lifetime I have never lost money on an XK150, a Patek watch, or Bay Area real estate. Think of it. All that fun, and profit too. Trust your very, very best good taste, gentlemen. If your granddaddy won't back you, find a banker who will. You'll never regret it.
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Thanks for all the replies. This watch will serve as a tweener.  Ideally, I would be buying an automatic Tank Francaise in 18k WG but that doesnt look like its going to happen on my budget.  I actually prefer something a bit more effete than the bulky chronos produced by Rolex, Omega, et al. (small wrists). I'll keep a look out for IWC--there are a few models that I like but I havent found a price thats works. Kidkim- I would love to own a Patek.  Can't afford one unless your willing to donate an early graduation present to a struggling student.
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Ideally, I would be buying an automatic Tank Francaise in 18k WG but that doesnt look like its going to happen on my budget.  
Here's a used Tank Francaise in SS for about the same price as you were going to pay for the used Santos.  I don't know the seller, but it is easy enough to post a request for references on Timezone.
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