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Not sure whether my clothes are considered nice, but my last car purchase was a Prius. Anybody that doesn't like that can pay my gasoline bills and I'll buy a Hummer.
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Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley View Post
You should have little trouble offloading it here:
Thanks. That is exactly what I need. I will look into it tonight.
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Freud said that every motive and human motion is driven by the desire to feel important. Most of us wear nice clothes and accessories because we like to feel important and acknowledged by others for our taste. That is the reason why many of us post here in the first place. I once had a college professor who asked the class: why do we read books? He got a bunch of answers and at the end offer his answer: to know I'm not alone (in my viewpoint). If you have nice clothes then a decent car is certainly called for. The car itself may not make you as happy as your clothes but it's inevitable that a lesser car will make you feel less important, and thereby undermine your sense of self-importance, which can lead to happiness, and in its extreme form, suicide.
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Most of often, I see a man who gets out of an insanely expansive car wears nothing but an average looking clothing. The most stylish man whom I know doesn't even own a car.

Really, wearing a good clothing with a tasteful manner comes from a person's state of mind and his desire to achieve that image. Not all rich man cares about what he wears, but he cares about what he drives.

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I was having a discussion with a friend the other day and he kept insisting that if you have nice clothing, you need to have a nice car to go with them or it just looks silly. I disagreed saying that while they usually go hand in hand, neither are mutually exclusive to each other. Having bought a new car, I have to admit that personally, it brings me so little joy that I regret purchasing it. Clothing on the other hand is much more exciting and interesting. Thoughts?
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I like to drive my '99 Nissan Altima to the valet at fancy hotels for formal events. I then step out of the car and toss him the keys with a wink and a smile and say: "Here's $5. Leave it out front for me chief."
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I drive a crappy car so I can afford nice clothes.
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Personally, I like being one of the best dressed in the bus (not too hard in Seattle). To your point, I don't think it matters. I drive an old mercedes I bought about 16 years ago while most of my friends/co-workers drive newer lux cars. I've never felt out of place showing up in an old car. I also rarely drive it especially since we downsized from three cars between me and my wife down to one.
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Originally Posted by j View Post
a dbag-au-courant (who would be in a leased '07).

Hey man! I drive a leased '07!

Balance and knowledge are key. I do drive a leased 2007 BMW, but that was after owning a 1996 M3 with about 175K on it. I loved it, I drove it into the ground, I upgraded, and I enjoy it.

I think you only sound like a douchebag if you don't come by it honestly. If you earned it, great. If you're a college kid in a new M5, people aren't going to take you seriously. If you bought it and all you know about it is how many horsepower it has and you quote false and exaggerated numbers about 0-60 times, you are a douchebag. (I once met a guy in a 323 with all kinds of exhuast and silly body trim crap who said he got 350 horsepower out of it because of the exhaust.)

I don't think you have to drive an expensive car just because you're well-dressed. But if you put time and money into your clothes, let's face it, you are someone who is priding themselves on their appearance. You should similarly pride yourself on your car's appearance. Does it have to be the latest model? No. Does it even have to be expensive? No. (You can buy a lot of really cool older cars for a song.) But it should be in full working order, be pretty clean, and not smell like old french fries and beer.

If you have a headlight out and an unrepaired gouge on a rear fender, and you get out of your jalopy wearing Brioni, then people *are* going to assume you're all about projecting a money image - but that you just can't really walk the walk.
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I guess I'd put it this way...

I'd rather be well dressed and drive a shit can than drive a nice car and be dressed like a clown. If you can do both than good on you. I do both.

But then...I'm exceptional.

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I concur.
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Originally Posted by Tiberias View Post

Contrast that with a car, which is the greatest ongoing liability ever invented by mankind. And maintenance costs and taxes go way up with exotic and imported cars. It's so expensive that, other than in states that have a fixation with cars (read: California), there is a strong argument to be made that a practical, low-cost car is acceptable as long as it's kept clean and functional.

So true. I was talking to a neighbor who retired. He told me that leasing 3 cars (one for himself, one for the wife, one for the kids) over his working lifetime financially ruined his retirement.

If you can EASILY afford nice wheels AND a SF wardrobe, that's a different story.
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I guess I'm in the minority; I enjoy my car more than my clothes.
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Wanting a nice car to go with nice clothes [to go with nice xxx, nice xxx, etc.] is characteristic of someone who wants to live lavishly, whereas a desire for nice clothes may just be a fascination with looking good.

I wear nice and often expensive clothing and drive a fairly inexpensive car. However, I keep it looking exceptional and driving great, which I think complements my desire to dress well moreso than, say, an expensive late model vehicle that wasn't kept so clean.
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Originally Posted by MilanoStyle View Post
More often, I see a man who gets out of an insanely expensive car wears nothing but an average looking clothing.

I agree. Or even WORSE than average clothing.
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My wife and I own these cars. Lexus SC430 Mercedes CLS550 Lamborghini Gallardo Honda Civic LX Wife drives the SC430. I drive the civic to commute. We take the CLS550 when we go to events We NEVER take out the gallardo. Too scared right now(just got it). I would have to agree w/balance. If you have a 5000 dollar suit w/a 5000 car...there's no balance. If you have 50,000 car and a 500/ balance. The real statement of wealth is the man that can dress and drive and live wherever he wants, whenever he/she wants. I can't do that (yet). Regards, Holstein. p.s. I also heard that a man's wealth is based on the jewelry of his gf or wife. If that's the case..we're doing alright =) Apparently status for women is a 50,000.00 Hermes diamond croc purse. Wife wants one. We'll see.
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