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Hugo boss double breasted blazer

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Thread Starter What do you think of this blazer and of Hugo Boss in general? Assuming I wanted to dress this down, what kind of shirt could I wear with it? Or should Doubled Breasted blazers be worn with casual outfits at all? thanks
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Boss suits/jackets are fused and relatively low quality, especially for the price. There are much better deals to be had on ebay for a jacket like that. Certainly a DB jacket can be dressed down but it's not as easy as it is with a SB jacket. I would look at other brands/items.
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Thanks for saving me from another bad buy. Guess I'll keep looking...
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I would bust out something like this instead.
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drizzt3117, thanks for posting. I may bid on that blazer if I can locate a tape measurer and make sure 24.5 inch sleeves will fit me. the tag above the inside pocket reads "Specially Tailored by Brioni for Gene Hiller". I am wondering ifthe quality of this item is comparable to other Brioni products or was produced especially for sale in this store at a discount rate. Also, how old do think the blazer is? thanks again.
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Brioni makes quite a few items for Men's shops, labels like that are common and the quality is the same as one purchased from the Brioni boutique. You will see alot of items on ebay that say "Brioni for Wilkes Bashford" "Brioni for DFine" etc. As for the age, I'm by no means an expert but it looks like it was made in the 90s, perhaps A Harris or others could comment on that. I think you can't go wrong for $70, a $120 bid should probably bring that thing I imagine.
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man this brioni looks awsome. if you think you have body for it, definetly buy that suit
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Alternatively, you could use something like this if the jacket length is long enough.
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Or even this, if you want something a bit more trendy.
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1 more, this is nice and has $79 BIN.
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I'm in love with that Corneliani. It's a 41 but jugding by the measurements listed, it may fit like a 40.
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Measurements look like a 40 to me, and looks plenty long as well. Should be a good fit for a 40L, and I think a pretty good deal for $79.
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