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Rm williams

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I've decided for a pair of boots from RM Williams and I wondered if anyone has any experience with: Bootsonline?
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I ordered the Kangaroo Buckle Boot in brown (perhaps chestnut a year or two ago). The price was right, and the customer service was excellent. All in all, the experience was pleasant.  However, that was my first pair of shoes in kangaroo, and the leather was a bit different from what I was expecting. Also the straps on the buckle were a bit thinner and less substantial than what I had in mind.  Perhaps next time I will go with a buckle boot by C&J instead. Bic
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I took delivery of a pair of R M Williams boots from BootsOnline a few days ago. As mentioned above, excellent customer service and very good prices. I know someone who has several pairs, so had the advantage of having seen the boots before, and knew what I was ordering. My kanagaroo boots are beautifully soft and comfortable.
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Good site. Good prices. Virobono, which boots did you get, and did you have to pay Vat/excise duty etc when they were delivered? (I presume you are UK based)
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Nonk, I have the Craftsman boots in chestnut kangaroo. This is my second order (I ordered a couple of oilskins before), and no Customs fees or VAT was charged.
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As an aussie, l have too many pairs of R.M.Williams to be able to count on two fingers. All of my R.M.Williams boots are still going strong, even after 20 years. They are long wearing; the soles are really good for wet weather - they don't wear quickly. l have worn mine through mud, snow and heavy rain and they are still in great condition. There is one pair that l never polish, l have punished the hell out of them, they are indestructable, l've had them 19 years. The big problem l have with R.M.Williams is that since the americans took over the company the boots have gone down hill in quality. The leather upper and soles are not of good a quality as they once were. You can get welted or brass screwed soles. The former are dress boots of finer calf leather and are fullt lined. The later is [generally] are unlined kangaroo leather casual/work boots for on the ranch. The brass screwed boots are practically indestructable. Really hardy boots made for the outback in Australia.
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