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Ed Hardy...ugh

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What do you guys think of the Ed Hardy stuff? It's very popular in Germany at the moment. IMO it's butt ugly and I cannot believe how expensive this crap is. A regular Tee for 130,- Euros. I think it's ridiculous.
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It is very popular here in south florida with the ... "latino" crowd. I rarely see them worn without the Jersey/Am Jack/Douche Bag/Gotti hair. Fricking hideous
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It is absolutely garish, tasteless, and lacking in any semblance of artistic integrity. It is a cynical attempt at extracting money from people whose taste is driven by the likes of hollywood or MTV.
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It's fashion in a box, pre-made and blandly seasoned so as to be just interesting enough but at the same time, sanitary.
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I had never heard of them, but they seem massively overpriced for really boring and tacky designs. For a fraction of the price I would much rather pick up one of the many great designs on threadless (although I don't really wear graphic t-shirts to begin with).
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 Ed Hardy has swept like Greensboro like crazy. I'm not usually that attentative to what brands people are wearing, but EH's branding is so obnoxious and in-your-face that it's hard to miss.

 Honestly though, I thought these t-shirst cost $25... I had no idea they were so expensive! Man, being a fashion sheep sure is expensive!
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Yuck. I saw amjacks by the dozen sporting this garbage in Vegas thinking they were hot shit. Really it just shows how easily they can waste $ on something that resembles a Hanes zip-up hoodie used as an arts and crafts project at a 10 year old girl's birthday party.
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I've got the same problem with Affliction.
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Hahaa, so glad it left LA a couple years ago though you'll still see a sprinkling of it here and there.

Don't thank us!
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Originally Posted by velobran View Post
It is very popular here in south florida with the ... "latino" crowd. I rarely see them worn without the Jersey/Am Jack/Douche Bag/Gotti hair. Fricking hideous
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id rather wear sailor jerry... but my 1 and only problem with the look is that certain people..... *cough* say that blacks and latinos cannot wear it because there no such thing as *urban rockstars* i think its racist as hell to say that , simply because your basically saying that you cannot dress a certain way because of your skin color oh god...isnt black history month approaching? but its all just old to me its been around for a each his own fashion is supposed to be about looking and feeling good not buying into what others think....stop being sheep!
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Ashland- that is obviously ridiculous... Bad Brains and Fishbone are establishments in the punk and rock scenes. Fishbone came out in the same Cali scene that brought Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction. One of my favorite bands Bad Brains basically invented hardcore punk, and yes... they're black.

OP- yeah... Ed Hardy is lame.
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i wouldn't touch it.
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One more note, it's funny how hip hop has changed fashion as well. You have all these garbage rappers who started wearing tr, rr and shit a year or two ago and all the youth walking around beverly center are doing the same wearing all their skull/bones motif shirts with wallet chains and all that jazz.

Fucking pathetic.
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I wonder how much kickback Ed Hardy gets for licensing his name out on this crap?

As much of a legend as he is, he should almost feel ashamed of letting this monstrosity brand bear his name
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