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Eyeglasses fitting

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Here is my problem, I got a pair of glasses about a year ago, and ever since then I am constantly having trouble getting a perfect fit, I take them back to wear I bought them and I am getting them adjusted at least once per week. They seem to be OK for a while and then something goes wrong and I am back in their for an adjustment again. Is it possible to get a perfect fit? right now my glasses are giving me headaches, should I try another place? and what would they charge me to adjust them? I realy am getting tired of poor fitting glasses, and I don't like contact lenses. Help ....
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Is Lasik surgery an option?
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LJ, not at that price, and even if I had the money to do it, I don't know know if it right for me, not everyone can have Lasik eye surgery.
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TW, You said your glasses are giving you headaches. Is it the frame or the precription in the lenses. What you're describing sounds like the result of a poor frame. What kind of frame do you have?
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Hi jharrison. I believe it may be the frame, it is not an expensive frame, because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a frame in case I accidently break them or they get lost. The headaches have cleared up now, but I never know when they will return.
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Tiger it might be worth your while to see an opthamologist or an ear eye nose throat Dr. about this. I'm thinking it's possible you may have a face/skull asymetry that makes you a difficult fit.
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try going to a specialty eyeglass place. my experience is that the really cheap places have sales people who are much less knowledgeble and experienced than the sales people in the smaller shops.
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I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a frame in case I accidently break them or they get lost.
You don't have to spend a lot on good quality frames, plus they are much less likely to break or bend if dropped. I picked up a pair of Italian made frames with Nikon lenses for less than $200. I second the suggestions to go see an opthamologist (their training is much more extensive than an optomitrist and can give you much more detailed recommendations about the structure of your face and eyes) and seek out an independent shop. They are better able to move on price and the service, in my experience, has always been better. What city are you located in? Perhaps we could give you some recommendations? Oh yeah, what's your aversion to contacts? Once they're in you hardly ever notice them. Aaron
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