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Luigi Bianchi Mantova suits

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Have anyone had any experience with "Luigi Bianchi Mantova" suits? I know they have a diffusion line called Lubiam, but I'm curious to know what their 'mainline' is like. Fused/Canvassed info would be really helpful. I'm asking because I found what I think might be a really good deal, $199 from a "retail" of $995. Doesn't seem over inflated since the Lubiam diffusion line is apx 700-800 a suit. Anyway the price still wouldn't be bad even if it was half canvassed. But you know, just curious, like I said.

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anyone? Bueller?
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I am going to say half-canvassed, but very good quality. I am friends with one of them, and stop by to see them at the shows. They are getting ALOT of press right now. Sorry, not very defintiive, but the best I can do.

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I bought a Luigi Bianchi Mantova solid grey at Mark Shale in Atlanta yesterday for $699 marked down from $999. The salesman and in-house tailor said it was fully canvassed. Not one to ever fully trust the store help, I took it to Mario Bosco (highly recommended here for alterations) and asked him if it was fully canvassed, he checked it over and said it was. He wasn't familiar with the brand but he said it was a nice suit, especially for $700. I think they have 3 left, one is a 44L, don't remember the other sizes. Steve
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Well, after some thinking, I actually looked up Lubiam's showroom in NY and called them up. Found the number from Lubiam.com... novel concept, I know! Anyway, the person who could've been italian with a really thick accent said half canvassed... but I'm really not sure if I communicated with him properly that I was talking about the mainline. I at least know that their Lubiam line is half canvassed for sure... It really sucks to me that price has no correlation with whether or not a suit is well made nowadays.
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