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Have ascots gone the way of the colonies; are they terribly anachronistic? Would a young person wearing one today seem like a pretentious jerk? It seems the only people who still wear ascots are retired Hollywood or Broadway producers. I just wanted to get people's opnions on this, not that I'm considering buying one. Thanks
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The kind of person who would have worn an ascot in years past wouldn't be caught dead in one today. The ascot and its admirers are dead. It's a wonder they're even available for sale. On a related note, I was surprised to receive an Hermes catalog which featured several items which I can only describe as being neck scarves for men. I guess they'd be tied loosely around the neck.
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I had to look up what you were talking about. Here's my opinion - be aware I'm a pretty shabby dresser. If you went to shopping in one, you'd look like an eccentric or a tit. However if you went clubbing in one, or some extravagant party, you might be able to pull it off. For this kind of stuff I think the context of where you'll be wearing them,what other clothes you wear with them (the attitude you wear them with) - will be more important than possible pretentiousness.
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I'd better add I'm quite eccentric. (I just checked with a work colleague.)
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I see them every now and again in europe. I don't think that a young man can pull them off easily. I do think that there is one good place for a very simple ascot, or better yet a scarf worn like an ascot - when you are flying and wearing a suit without a tie (ties can be really hard on a plane) you can wear a scarf or ascot instead. but again, it needs to be very simple.
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I think they finish the neckline if a tie is not called for. If worn with two buttons open on a shirt you might need a stainless steel ego but a disceet half inch of silk doesn't raise any eyebrows. Will
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The following people can wear ascots: 1. Michael Caine 2. Prince, King or Sultan insert-name-here Anyone else, IMHO, should avoid them. We have our segment of dandy types here, which are more than welcome to try....and certainly they have more sartorial $tone$ than I do. I just think they have reached the realm of being costume at this point.
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An ascot is probably one of those items that should only be worn only by those who are thoroughly unconcerned with whether or not it is 'acceptable' to wear them.
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Agree with Manton. Also acceptable during the Royal Ascot, I'd assume, and even then, only for a kicks.
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On a related note, I was surprised to receive an Hermes catalog which featured several items which I can only describe as being neck scarves for men.  I guess they'd be tied loosely around the neck.
Dandy-san: Hermes has relaunched a neckscarf variant on the Ascot it calls, in typical butch fashion, the Twilly. It's supposedly more scarflike than the ascot. In a similar vein, Kilgour (tailors to my Emperor) is now selling a "men's choker" scarf it calls the Slim Jude, for you know who. While I favor bespoke lace jabots and gold-braided capes on camera, off-the-show a nice ascot and a large single malt do me well for putting up my feet by the fire in drafty Kitchen Stadium.
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I direct ascot fans to the Boston band The Upper Crust and their song "I've Got My Ascot 'n' My Dickie".
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On the Royal Ascot, Manton writes:
Not that I've ever been, but ... from the pictures it seems that formal morning dress is expected, cutaway coat, top hat, etc. I suppose a formal ascot -- worn with a wing collar and pearl stickpin might be OK, if you want to look like the little plutocrat from Monopoly. But not an ascot with an open collared shirt.
My brother, who is now at Oxford, tells me that they are uncommon, though not unheard of, during the event (I think that he likes the costume). Interestingly enough, the same type of guys who would have worn an ascot with an open collared shirt, or even a tail-less dinner jacket into polite society, are today probably the guys wearing hoodies under sports jackets and pairing straight ties with tuxedos (even... notch collared tuxedos), with the older generation looking on in horror. Just some food for thought.
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