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Antifreeze on sleeve cuff

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Antifreeze on the sleeve cuff. How to get it out? I searched the board, and googled it as well. No luck so far. Anyone have experience/ideas?
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Look at the ingredients of the anti-freeze. Oftentimes, it's simply a salt-like substance dissolved in water to widen the temperature range in which it is in liquid form. Unfortunately, I think the coloring is largely artificial which would mean you'd have to contend with a color additive stain. Good luck, dan
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The dye additives used (by law in many cases such as diesel fuel and home heating oil which are virtually the same but distinguished by their colors for tax purposes) are usually the cheapest ingredients which work without polluting the chemical to which they are added. Some of these cheap dyestuffs can be a] extremely toxic b] practically impossible to remove If you've tried the standard glycerine concoctions and color-safe bleach to no avail, give up. On the other hand, if you were to immerse the entire shirt in the same anti-freeze and be willing to live with the color, the cuff stain would no longer be visible.
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