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Red Wings GT vs. White's Semi-dress

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I'm looking to get a tough, high-end boot and narrowed it down to the GT and Semi-dress. I've read great reviews about both, but have tried neither personally and wanted to get your thoughts. GT's SD's How do they stack up for every day comfort? Which would be the least "clunky"? At $100 more, are the semi-dress worth the premium? Thanks, Ben
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At $100 more I'd get the Alden Indy Boot. I have them and they are definitely worth every penny of the $300.00.
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I like the indy's, but I will definetly be riding my motorcycle with these and want some thing with reinforced toe.
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In that case I vote for the Red Wing GTs.
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I beg to differ with XCHEN i tend to like the look of the SD's. But i know nothing really about the quality, fit, comfort of either.
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Either one...I don't like the tapered heel or whatever its called, it seems rather feminine to me but I've never seen them IRL.

The Redwings are very comfortable after break in. Not heavy yet very durable.
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I really love the Alden cordovan chukka. I don't dig the Indy though.

I def. like the GT and Whites look-wise over the Indy. The GT are a bit more current looking than the Semidress. The Whites are retro to the max in a really awesome way. Both are amazing... It just depends on your style. If you're want flexibility style-wise go for the Red Wings. If you like to be different, get the White's. My thought process is: Punk/Mod=GT Repro/American West = White's I think automatically of Getsmart with the GT, and I think of Cottonduck (sufu) with the White's even though I don't know if he owns a pair. It just matches that look.
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Obviously I can't say enough good things about the GT....the black cherry color is maybe the single best shoe color I've ever seen/own. It's really deep and rich.

Comfort-wise, after the hard initial break-in, it's hard to believe they were so stiff at first since they are so soft and comfy now. I walked 5+ miles every day for 2 weeks while in Europe wearing these almost every day and never had any discomfort, blisters, etc.
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Getsmart, what polish do you use on your GTs, if any?
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Based solely upon looks I prefer the GT.
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I've never liked White's tapered heel. Not terribly fond of the GTs, personally, but I like them a lot more.
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Personally, I like the look of the GT's over the SD's.

Here's something you should consider, though: do you REALLY want to ride a motorcycle with a leather-sole shoe? Try it sometime......if you get on any dirt/gravel/dust/anything other than good, clean cement, the flat leather soles will slide a good bit. Want to get a nice wake-up in the morning? Try slip-sliding your feet around when trying to come to a stop on an uneven surface and almost dumping it....

On pure function, the rubber sole wins over the leather sole.
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The SD boots have a Cuban heel for those that were wondering.
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I currently have a pair of the SD and had a pair of the GTs but returned them. I usually don't have problems fitting most shoes, but the GTs were just way too narrow and uncomfortable on me.

The SD fit really well out of the box. They have this kind of anatomical "arch ease" fit which takes a little getting used to, but actually feels kind of therapeutic when walking around in them. I like the quality of the leather better on the SD as well - very soft and supple. I'm not too crazy about the underslung heel, but most of it is hidden under my pant leg anyway. The SD can be ordered with a rubber Vibram sole if desired.

From what I remember of the GTs, they were lighter than the SD - the SD feel a little more robust and hefty IMO. As far as pure looks I'd have to give a slight edge to the GTs, however...although both have a nice vintage vibe.
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i hate the giant heel of the white's. it looks ridiculous.
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