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Recent shirt order

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Just had to share my experience. Ordered 4 shirts from Ricky, with same measurements and specifications as the last shirt (where I finally got everything I wanted in terms of fit). Ricky e-mailed me back within 2 days and I received the order in 10 days. Can't say enough about Ricky - best fitting shirts I've ever owned and exactly to my specification for the details. I was impressed with 5-6 weeks, but less than 2 is amazing.
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That is a fantastic turnaround time. Of course, I am still waiting for an order placed in June. It is really weird how some people are getting their orders in record time, others are waiting longer than ever. What fabrics did you get? Were you happy with all four?
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wow, that was fast. i'm about 2 months into my second order without a word...
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I got 3 checks and a stripe. Stripe #137 Checkers #402 Checkers #348 Checkers #514 Tried them all on and all are perfect. They're in the laundry now, but I'll try and post pictures later today. My longest wait has been 8 weeks, this was the shortest, most have been 4-5 weeks. I now have 9 shirts from Ricky, of which 5 are amazing. The other 4 are all good, but I was working out exactly what I wanted - 2 are too long in the body (but wearable), the other 2 are okay and my own damn fault for not double checking my measurements. Now that I've got a fit I'm quite happy with, I'll begin begin making small changes to details and ordering a few with short/no tails and barrel cuffs for weekend wear.
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You know, Ricky:
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