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Nice. I could spot that shoulder anywhere. It's very distinctive.
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The pictures of the suit made in Canada were made by Coppley of Hamilton, Ontario. Coppley made both RTW and MTM. I have some of them, and they are good suits for the dollar. I still wear some of them. You shouldn't feel gyped for the price that you paid on eBay. Some are fully fused, and some are partially fused. The Alan Flusser Custom is the superior garment. It's a full canvas front with all the bells and whistles, such as hand made buttonholes, beautiful buttons, etc.
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

He sort of acts like his guidelines are hard and fast rules

IIRC from Dressing the Man he says often that rules are meant to be "bent," and that this often the way one arrives at true stylishness.   Too much hedging in a book of guidelines would defeat the purpose.



Originally Posted by Kaga
His pictures are even fruitier than mine.


The vintage pictures are wonderful, but the pictures in the "use of color" section are a little offputting.  When he purports to show that certain colors enhance someone's appearance, shouldn't they do so on their own without tweaking in Photoshop?  That the he "brightens the eyes" (or whatever) with a computer is far more damaging to his credibility.


Still, it is a great read.

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