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Belt question

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I'm having a hard time finding a canvas belt and a D ring belt. Does anyone know here I could find one?
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Try the following: J-Crew, Abercrombie, or REI
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Or Maus & Hoffman
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i bought 3 at old navy. they were 5 bucks a piece. no they dont hold up well and yes, you do have to go to old navy, but its the same design in every store- not something i felt was worth paying for.
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try Lands' End at They have a good selection of casual clothings at down to earth prices plus they have an overstocks section every Wednesday and Saturday.
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Try a TJ Maxx or Marshall's. A little while ago I got a nice Trafalgar canvas belt for $10, and it's held up pretty well so far. In fact, it looks exactly like some of the ones (and may be the exact same as them) that they're selling on Ben Silver for an obscenely inflated price.
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