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Oxxford - no sleeve buttons?

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i have a very stupid question in that i was at a neiman marcus last call store and stumbled upon some oxxford suits, which really aren't my taste, hence my ignorance about them, but one caught my eye and in trying it on, noticed that the sleeve was sewn up (with that stitching similar to what they put on the shoulders and vents for shipping) and that there were no sleeve buttons nor were there any sleeve button holes either - nothing, yet the sleeve would flap about if you wore it as is ......... i checked all of their oxxford suits and they were all the same and of course the salespeople working the store knew nothing and said they had no buttons for the suit (and none were evident in any pocket on the suits) and that that must be the way they come so you oxxford guys out there, what's the reason for this or am i just totally missing something here
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Southwick will leave the cuff buttons off as well (though they're usually included in the inside chest pocket). If I understand your description correctly, it's usually done so that the jacekt sleeve length can be altered to fit you and THEN the buttons can be attached and/or buttonholes can be cut.
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Usually the sign af a better suit. Brands such as Canali and Zegna leave sleeve buttons off on their top of line models. If the Oxxford suits are a good deal I wouldn't worry about the missing buttons. I bought a Brioni suit last summer at an outlet which was also missing the sleeve buttons and I just had all the buttons on the suit changed.
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But he's saying that there were NO buttons in the suit pocket either (meaning none to sew on to the sleeve by a tailor). Most likely reason -- someone lost the buttons.
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My point with the Brioni suit was that it also didn't have the sleeve buttons in the pocket (may be why it ended up at an outlet centre). That is why I had all the buttons changed on the entire suit so they would all match.
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thanks for the responses it makes total sense now as i said, stupid question but yes, there were no buttons to be found anywhere on the suit and they didn't have them laying around anywhere either ....... they were selling at US$900ish so the price was certainly good
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