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Weymouth sizing

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I'm getting ready to order a pair of Weymouthd from PLAL - and I'm a bit nervous about what size to order.  9.5D in Allen Edmonds and Aldens fit perfectly (as well as the 9.5D Grensons sold at Bennies).  Shyam Doshi was recommending going down a full size to 8.5E if I wear realitively thin socks/hose, which I do.  But I always thought one goes down only 1/2 a size to convert from Americna to British sizes.  Still, perhaps the past and narrow form of the Weymouth makes a differnce?  Can someone who owns a pair of Weymouths offer me some guidance, please. Thanks
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I don't own the Weymouths, but I do own the Seymours and Audleys, which are on the same 337 last. I'm a perfect 7D US, and the shoes are 6.5E UK. They fit perfectly. So, if you're a perfect 9.5D US, a 9E UK should work.
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My experience with C&J sizing differs from that of Alias.  I take an 11D US but found the 10.5E UK Belgrave a bit roomy.  Not sufficiently so for a return, but noticeably.  Since my initial purchase, I've ordered numerous other C&J shoes, including the Weymouth, all 10E UK, and whether on the 337 or 330 last they all fit perfectly. Someone mentioned in a past thread that conversions seem to widen as shoe sizes go up: in the smaller sizes, a 1/2 size difference, and in the larger, a full size.
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I don't own the Weymouths but do own the Belgraves, which are on the same last as the Weymouths. I also wear a 9 1/2 D and strongly urge you to buy a 9E. The perfect fit would be 81/2 F, but they don't come in F width.
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I own the Weymouths in UK 8.5E. I also have AE's that I wear in US 9D. Mr Doshi's advice to go down a full size for C&J applies to the benchgrade models but for handgrades, you need only go down half a size.
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